5 Effective Exercises That Get You a Flat Stomach

Dreaming of a flat stomach? It’s not just for models in magazines. When you get into a healthy fitness routine, you can get the strong, sculpted body you want. The FizzUp trainer gives you five effective exercises that get you a flat stomach.


Do you do crunches every day, but don’t see any results? That’s totally normal! Having a variety of abs exercises is key in order to work all the muscles in your abdominal wall. Doing rep after rep of traditional crunches won’t get you a flat stomach because they only strengthen your rectus abdominis and outer abs, which can instead make you look like you have an even bigger belly. If you don’t make sure to do them correctly, they can even push down your viscera and put significant pressure on your pelvic floor. In fact, crunches can have severe consequences for this muscle. Strengthening the other muscles in your abdominal wall, such as the transverse abdominis with dynamic or core-strengthening exercises, is important.

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Always doing the same abs exercise makes your body used to this kind of physical demand, making it impossible for you make any progress or effectively strengthen your abs. Your FizzUp program includes a variety of abs exercises that use all the muscles in your abdominal wall with a varying level of difficulty and number of repetitions, which keep pushing you to make progress so that you get results. This means that you can never stagnate. Activate the Six-Pack Add-on* to actively strengthen your stomach. Take it to the next level with the Flat Stomach Focus* at the end of your workout or on your rest days. You’ll target the deep muscles to get a flat stomach in as early as six weeks.

The other perk of your FizzUp program is that it includes a bodyweight strength training block. As such, it gives you full-body exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously, including your abs. Squats and push-ups also work to strengthen your abdominal wall, so you can be constantly working to get that six-pack.


When you do your Six-Pack Add-on*, you’ll see that it includes a different style of exercises that will strengthen your entire abdominal wall. Your FizzUp trainer will tell you why these exercises are worth doing.

  • Planks: Static planks are the best way to strengthen the deep muscles in your abdominal wall. The elbow plank will strengthen your stomach by engaging your transverse abdominis. It plays a key role in maintaining your viscera and also provides the power your body releases. With the elbow plank, you can engage your stomach muscles and strengthen your back, because watching your posture is important if you want to get a slim physique. Each FizzUp workout containing the Six-Pack Add-on* gives you static core-strengthening exercises to do, such as the elbow plank and many other static or dynamic variations thereof.
  • Mason twists: There are dynamic exercises that use movement to strengthen your abs. They work both your mobility and joint stability. Mason twists are a perfect example of this. Although they’re easy to do, their effectiveness is impressive.

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  • Mountain climbers: As an exercise that works your entire body, mountain climbers are both a cardio exercise as well as an excellent way to work your abdominal wall. They build several muscles, including your abs, glutes, quads, calves, delts, hamstrings and triceps. They also work your abs to help you maintain a healthy posture and keep you from hunching your back. Mountain climbers help you get a flat stomach by working the deep muscles in your abs, especially your transverse abdominis and obliques. They’re waiting for you in your FizzUp PRO program.
  • Glute bridges: Shake up the physical demands on your muscles and get two benefits in one with glute bridges. They tone your glutes as they work your abs. They act to maintain your posture and help you resist the force that your body weight exerts when you lift it.

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  • Reverse crunches: The reverse crunch is an abs exercise that even beginners can do. But, make sure to do it correctly, because otherwise, you might experience back pain. Reverse crunches actively work your rectus abdominis, pyramidalis and obliques to give your stomach the “six-pack” look.

FizzUp tip: Besides balanced fitness training, you also need nutritional guidance to help you lose weight and sculpt your muscles. You’ll get a flat stomach when you start eating a healthy diet that includes fiber to help you eliminate bloating. FizzUp PRO includes the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, which contains over 150 tips and recipes to help you reach your goal. 80% of your results depend on your diet. If you look after your digestion, you can finally get the figure you’ve been dreaming of.

Those were the five effective exercises that get you a flat stomach from the FizzUp trainer. All you have to do now is activate the Six-Pack Add-on* and tap “START”. Your efforts will only pay off if you work out regularly.

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