Powpow: Fizzup’s New Program for Snowboard Lovers

Snowboard season’s open! If you’re an enthusiast of this winter sport, we know how exciting it is to hit that fresh powder. But before you do, your body should be prepared for the trail, which is why we’ve released Powpow: a three-week program to get you ready for the slopes!


Maybe in just a few weeks, you’ll be on the mountain top ready for that adrenaline rush as you attack the slopes with your snowboard. Thinking about giving your fitness a boost this season before your first descent? Good, because we’re here to help you get the most out of your snowboarding experience!

Calling all snow buffs! FizzUp’s got you covered with Powpow: the perfect three-week workout plan to max out your fitness before your first day on the slopes with strength training and cardio sessions you’re going to love.

Pros of the snow excel in their sport because they’ve mastered a wide range of athletic skills, such as endurance, balance, strength, power, agility and flexibility. Powpow hones all of these abilities with three workouts a week: a training frequency that has been proven to optimize your performance and gives your body enough time to recover between workouts.


You’ll start the program with the first evaluation, which enables the program to adapt the training protocols to your fitness level.

The workouts you do after that are designed to enhance your physical fitness. Each one lasts 15 to 30 minutes and consists of bodyweight exercises. These workouts are divided into circuits, a training method that guarantees fast results in minimum time.

Like other FizzUp programs, you’ll move through the program week-by-week with workouts that gradually get more challenging in terms of the number of reps you do and the length of your workout.


With Powpow, you’ll build the skills of a great snowboarder through training protocols that focus on muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. During your strength training, you’ll target different areas of your body you use for snowboarding. But what are the benefits?


You’ll build your torso and abs with a focus on core training that fortifies a toned abdominal wall and a solid back and pecs with exercises such as planks, push-ups, dips, reverse snow angels and mountain climbers.

A strong upper body guarantees a stable stance on your snowboard, with a back that’s straight and protected when you rotate your body on the snow or in the air. As you improve your turn techniques and maneuvers, you’ll master your snowboard and lower your risk of injury in case of impacts or falls.


Mighty quads (the muscles in the front of your thighs) and glutes are the keys to tackling turns and jumps with more energy and less fatigue. Besides workouts that zero in on your thighs, you’ll also do plyometric circuits (movements that extend and contract your muscles, like jumps) that build muscle power and strengthen your joints. Unilateral exercises like single-leg squats and single-leg deadlifts will challenge your balance, proprioception (the sense of your body’s position in space) and coordination, three essential skills of a snowboarder.


A well-trained heart reduces fatigue and makes it easier for your body to recover after physical effort. Good cardio endurance also simplifies your descents and turns. That’s why Powpow includes cardio circuits with jump, explosive strength and agility exercises such as squat jumps, sprints and even burpees (for those with an advanced fitness level). High-intensity interval training (HIIT) uses different energy systems and amplifies your power.


During Powpow, you can do stretching and flexibility exercises to wrap up your workout. Stretching helps your muscles relax and recover after exercise. Better recovery keeps injuries at bay, too.


And last but not least, Powpow lets you build your own workouts by having you pick from the optional workouts for explosive strength, coordination and your core recommended at the end of your basic workout. And for those of you who are extra motivated, check out our program that gets you fit for skiing: White! In just three weeks, Powpow will get you ready for the snowboard season. With Powpow, you’ll be all set to glide down the mountain with ease thanks to better endurance, agility and resistance. That’s our promise! Start Powpow in the FizzUp app or on our website now.

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