Muscle: FizzUp’s New Strength Training Program for Men

A stronger, more resistant and more muscular physique. This is what you’ll get with Muscle, the best of FizzUp packed into a single strength training program for men. What makes this program so great? Let’s find out!

More muscle in three weeks

This is the best workout routine carefully designed specifically for men. Muscle is a three-week program that brings together the latest and finest innovations in bodyweight (equipment-free) strength training. What does this all-in-one program aim to do? Help you gain strength, endurance and muscle mass for a more solid physique and fired-up motivation.

If you’re looking for workouts to get you more toned in 2020, FizzUp’s makes it possible with specific characteristics of a workout plan that make Muscle so unique.

  • Three weeks of workouts. No more, no less: This is the perfect length for guys who want to achieve visible results. Say goodbye to disappointment after long weeks of training that haven’t paid off.
  • Three workouts a week: One workout every other day on average has been proven to be the best frequency. Why? Because alternating between workout days and rest days gives your body time to recover, to “take in” the workout and regenerate by rebuilding its muscle tissue. With a regular rhythm of three workouts a week, you’ll avoid the risk of overtraining (which can cause a serious delay in your results), injuries and a loss of motivation!
  • Exercising in sets: All workouts include a handful of strength training exercises. You’ll repeat each one in several sets, a training protocol proven to be the best way to target key muscles in your upper body. Each set increases muscle stimulation to guarantee fast progress. The number of repetitions and sets of each exercise are associated with a specific recovery time. Like we mentioned earlier, alternating between workout days and rest days is the secret to gaining strength and boosting muscular endurance and promoting muscle growth. Now that’s a combination to make you push your limits to new heights!

Workouts that target the entire upper body

With Muscle, the focus is on the pecs, arms, abs and back. This program works each of these parts of your body in its entirety with a range of exercises. Take push-ups. There are traditional push-ups, incline push-ups, decline push-ups and close-grip push-ups among so many others. These variations work your pecs in different ways in order to evenly build them from all angles. A variety of other exercises like dips, biceps curls and planks also promote isolation (targeting a specific muscle or muscle group and encouraging muscle growth in these areas). Moves like these are what can get you a stronger and more muscular physique, fast!

Muscle intensely homes in on your lower back and core (six-pack muscles, transverse abdominis and obliques). During each set of abs exercises, you’ll do dynamic and static moves that work both the deep and superficial muscles in your midsection. Not only does this help you sculpt your six-pack, but it also increases your resistance using advanced core training.

A program you can personalize

Low motivation? No desire to work out? No problem! You can personalize the Muscle program to suit your energy level and what you feel like doing during your workout. After your last set or circuit, the app will ask you to rate the difficulty of your workout on a scale of five choices ranging from too easy to too hard.

We use your rating to update the content and number of repetitions of your next workout. Thanks to the artificial intelligence behind this feature, you’re sure to keep making progress with workouts that are right for your needs and expectations. Don’t waste any more time with unnecessary and too challenging workouts. With FizzUp, you’re in complete control of your fitness training experience.

Muscle is a workout program centered around progress and personalization and at the end of your workout, the FizzUp trainer will give you recommendations. If you’re up for more, try some core strength, a pec challenge or upper body stretching. With FizzUp, there are always a wide selection of options to supplement your basic workout or take your training to the next level.

Content that breaks routine

Here at FizzUp, we know that people hate monotonous workout routines. That’s why with Muscle, our team of trainers have gone all out to bring you a diverse range of workout content. We’re here to ramp up your motivation with exercises that break away from the more traditional ones. For instance, one of the workouts in Muscle will work your chest using three different push-up variations or your obliques using three different variations of dynamic crunches.

Taking a different approach to exercise with a consistent level of enthusiasm means doing ever-evolving workouts that give you the ability to change up the content, the number of sets you do and the length of time you rest. We can’t wait for you to discover all these features!

Exhilarating, innovative and mighty, Muscle is a workout program with ambition, tailored to your individual needs. In three weeks, witness your stronger and more muscular body. Once you begin, you’ll be more motivated than ever to tackle another program. Open FizzUp’s gift to you: Muscle, now available in your app.

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