Steve: Use FizzUp to Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness

The FizzUp trainer couldn’t say this enough: your mind and body are one. They go hand in hand, and when they’re balanced, you’ll feel a complete sense of fulfillment. With FizzUp, Steve was able to improve his physical and mental wellness. Workout after workout, he enhanced his overall fitness and built up his mental strength.


Hey, everyone! I’m Steve. My experience with sports and exercise goes way back to when I was a little kid, so I’ve always been passionate about them. I’ve tried soccer, basketball, table tennis, mountain biking and finally skateboarding. And that’s the one I loved the most, but it was a passion that sadly got the best of me. Skateboarding is an extremely physical sport and it’s really hard on your joints. My ankles couldn’t hold up and I suffered a double fracture. This injury kept me off the field for a really long time. Eventually, I began to move less and less, with the exception of going to work and out to parties, besides eating a poor diet.

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Two years ago, I decided to get my body back. And why did I make that decision? Because one day I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw! And the worst thing was my stomach. At the time, my diet was out of control and I was working a lot. I went out drinking at every opportunity. I didn’t see the pounds start to pack on, and it took me a long time to get rid of them… actually, I’m still working on it! I’ve always been pretty thin, so I never paid much attention to what I ate or how much exercise I got.

I started doing research on healthy eating and signed up for a gym where I used a strength training program I found online. A year went by and I wasn’t seeing any real results, so I looked for another way to build muscle naturally. I spent several hours online watching free fitness channels trying to learn what I should be eating for physical activity when I found FizzUp!


Its fitness guidance seemed to fit what I was looking for. I started the program slowly, but surely, then I subscribed almost immediately. I’ve been a FizzUp Premium member for almost a year now and I have absolutely no regrets. The results appeared instantly. Every level is a fun variety of exercises, so I never get bored and I love that!

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I’ve also tried a few of FizzUp’s recipes. They’re amazing! I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made and that keeps me going. Now, I exercise three to four times a week. I typically do the cardio block*, the perfect way to end my workout. At the same time, I’ve started another physical activity that’s pretty demanding: bloc climbing.

Ever since I started FizzUp, I’ve shrunk my stomach with more cardio. I’ve tightened my midsection with the abs block* and I do a lot of core strengthening when I climb. I used to have a lot of trouble hoisting myself up, but now, that’s history. I’ve built strength and power.

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I use the evaluations I do at the beginning and end of every level as an extra challenge, which is excellent for my physical and mental wellness. I never feel like I’m stagnating. Instead, I can tell that my body is always improving. With the multi-joint exercises included in FizzUp’s program, I can build muscle throughout my body with way less time and effort. Bodyweight strength training makes me pay more attention to what I’m feeling in my muscles as I build a resistant physique. And FizzUp also makes a great tool to train myself up for other sports.

Like Steve and Olivier, rev up your body confidence with FizzUp. They all found a balance that’s good for their physical and mental wellness. When will you start your own journey with FizzUp?

*FizzUp Premium feature

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