Nicolas: I Took Back Control by Losing 35 Lb (16 Kg)

Women aren’t the only ones who worry about their weight. Men can feel the pressing need to slim down, too. For Nicolas, an inactive lifestyle, aging and becoming a dad were all things that caused him to gain 44 lb (20 kg). He could have just stood back and accepted the situation, but he knew he’d never be happy in the body he didn’t even recognize anymore. That’s why he turned to FizzUp to take back control and lose 35 lb (16 kg) in just five months. Here’s his success story.

When 44 lb takes over…

My name’s Nicolas and I’m 34. I’ve been in a relationship for 11 years and married for 6. My son’s 8 and my daughter’s 4. I’ve been working as the head of industrial manufacturing for the last 11 years. In March 2018, I started FizzUp to transform my body and mind.

I only started gaining weight when I got into a relationship… the comfort of it, the get-togethers with friends (ah, to be young again!), a poor diet and then my wife’s pregnancy. Let’s just say we were pregnant together… her with our first child and me with the belly of a nervous dad-to-be. It was definitely Couvade syndrome. Just to give you an example, when I was 20, I weighed 165 lb (75 kg) and at 26, I weighed 210 lb (75 kg) and I’m only 5’ 11” (1.82 m) tall. That’s when I knew I had to do something.

took back control 01

I started a diet that made my weight drop to 187 lb (85 kg), but I’d never been physically active before. Exercise wasn’t fun for me. It was more like a chore. Actually, physical activity was never part of my education when I was young, nor was eating a balanced diet. After I’d settled into a routine, I paid way less attention to my body. So what happened next? In January 2018, I weighed 198 lb (90 kg) and was pretty pudgy (see photo). I had lost my confidence and felt like a mess.

I took back control with FizzUp

Instead of deciding to just accept my body as it was and not take responsibility for it only to potentially suffer more health problems later on, I went looking online for a diet and a workout program. Then I found the FizzUp app. I checked out the comments and reviews, and I was sold, so I signed up and used the free version for one month before I upgraded to FizzUp Premium because I needed more to get faster results.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how great the nutrition part of the app was. Becoming a Premium member gave me access to all of FizzUp Nutrition and I wasn’t disappointed. After I started using it, I didn’t get the urge to snack all the time like I did when I was on a diet. The recipes are excellent and so easy to make. I also love the programs, Focus programs and challenges because they give me a 360° workout experience.

Right now, I’m making myself do one serious workout every other day. On my rest days, I still stay active with a Focus program or a challenge followed by a 40-minute run. This is the routine that made me lose weight (which was bad news for my wardrobe!) ? Every day at lunch, I can take about 30 minutes to do my workout. I’ve lost 35 lb (16 kg) in just five months. From March 1 to August 1, I went from 198 lb (90 kg) to 163 lb (74 kg).nico_avant_apres_cover_EN Now, I’ve gained confidence in myself and my body image. I’m more sure of myself around other people and my colleagues. I’ve got more energy, strength and endurance. Taking care of my body and unwinding physically and mentally with exercises are things I now enjoy. Thanks, FizzUp! You made all of that possible. Your workouts have become just the thing I needed to let off steam and clear my mind.

And my transformation hasn’t stopped there. I haven’t reached my goal yet because I still have a bit more weight to lose and more muscle to gain, but I also keep going for one important reason: to clear my mind and keep myself fit.

Nicolas counted on the Fast Fat Burner program to lose weight with FizzUp. Now it’s your turn to transform your physique AND your life with exercise! The FizzUp trainer’s waiting for you.

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