Naughty Numbers: The Impact of Exercise on Our Sex Lives

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80% of our users plan to have a Valentine’s Day that’s both active and romantic

According to the mass survey we conducted in early February, 80% of our users plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. Wondering what you should get your other half to celebrate this day dedicated to lovers? No need to rack your brain. Over 60% of our users want you to get them a fitness gift.

And did you know that almost 80% of our users think it’s sexy that their partner works out regularly? So why not plan to do a quick workout as a couple? Open your app and start a Single Workout to turn up the heat.

Exercises as sex positions?

Over 25% of our users admitted that certain FizzUp exercises have given them ideas for new sex positions. Men came out on top, with 34% of them saying our exercises inspired them, whereas only 20% of women found new ways to engage in some hanky-panky thanks to their workout. The top 6 most inspiring exercises are: glute bridges, push-ups, squats and stretches such as the lying wide-legged stretch, thread the needle stretch and cat-camel.

The more you exercise, the longer the sexy time!

Let’s dive into the juicy part of the survey. Do users with high Rhythm scores on FizzUp have longer romps in the bedroom?

The answer is… YES! 33% of our users who have a Rhythm score over 50 spend over 30 minutes having sex, versus 25% for those whose Rhythm score falls between 0 and 19 and 27% for those whose Rhythm score falls between 20 and 40.

Moral of the story: the more you stick to your workouts with FizzUp and the higher your Rhythm score is, the longer your shag sessions will be!

And last but not least, only 14% of our users have interrupted their FizzUp workout because they wanted to get frisky. All this goes to show that this Valentine’s Day, sex and exercise go hand in hand, so the next time you start your workout, don’t just break a sweat alone… break a sweat with your lover!

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