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International Women’s Day is a chance for us to share with you what drives our corporate culture here at FizzUp and how we rely on diversity for our growth. Not to mention that it’s also a great opportunity to remind everyone that women shouldn’t be honored on just one single day of the year, but every day! That’s our mission!

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At FizzUp, our staff is almost half men, half women, with women accounting for 40% of our employees. Instead of actively working to hire as many women as possible, at FizzUp, we’ve always valued natural diversity. Here, women are equal to men, whether that’s in their pay, responsibilities or opportunities. From the very beginning, this idea has been a cornerstone of our company, despite the fact that inequality is common in the digital sector, which is also mainly made up of men.

women 02Equal opportunity shouldn’t be a battlefield, but a reality! There’s so much to learn from a diverse team that includes a woman’s point of view. It’s incredible how men and women complement each other, and when their visions come together, they can create something extraordinary.

At FizzUp, we foster diversity between the sexes, but also between styles because we think differences are what drive creativity, an amazing and unparalleled human attribute.


Eight women from four different countries work here at FizzUp, all of them representing every position besides app development. But we’d really love to change that, so we’re hiring! The management team includes a man and a woman, so FizzUp is run with two different visions, which is what makes it so diverse. A woman designs our workouts and another woman translates and localizes our app. Not to mention that women run and supervise our human resources, nutrition features, design, marketing campaigns, user experience, social networks, user support and events. Let’s just say that without women, FizzUp wouldn’t last long!

Here’s a story from our director of operations director Kirsty Hood about her experience working at FizzUp:

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“As the operations director at FizzUp, I’m responsible for all the technical staff. I’m sad to say that my entire team is made up of men! Being a woman in what is still a very male world has made no difference at FizzUp, contrary to my experience as a consultant in larger and more traditional companies where a woman in a position of responsibility in IT did not always get the same level of respect or the same manner of address as a male equivalent. At FizzUp, we all share a passion for exercise and for FizzUp, this is all that matters and not the gender of who’s in charge. I hope and wish that more women will enter the IT sector in years to come. Countries like India have shown that there’s no reason the IT sector can’t attract as many men as women. It’s merely a matter of cultural perception.”

Next, here’s a testimonial by Inène Pascal, FizzUp’s workout content manager, talking about her experience as a new mom:

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“Going back to work after my pregnancy was a major step for me. After three intense months of being nothing but a mom, I was so ready to get back to the office. I knew that some amazing projects were in the works at FizzUp and I wanted to be 100% involved. So which one was more important? My family life or my working life?

Torn between the desire to get back to work or spend time with my daughter, I was able to adjust my work schedule so that I could keep growing professionally without the guilt of not staying at home more with my baby and my husband not having taken paternity leave. Julien, the president of FizzUp, suggested that I work from home. Because I do that once a week on Wednesdays, I can cut my week into halves, which is great for my daughter AND for me.

There’s one thing Julien wants most for his employees: for them to always feel a sense of fulfillment on a day-to-day basis. He made this clear to me during my pregnancy, so I was able to get back to work with a lot more peace of mind. Let’s face it: knowing that you have to go back to work AND take care of a three-month-old now is really stressful! But I know that my boss is watching out for me and supports me 100% in my new life as a mother. And because of that, my spirit feels free and I’m ready to work when I’m at the office; I know that my lifestyle will give me enough time to spend with my child during the week.

Now that I’ve been back at work for the last five months, I’m 100% committed to what I do. I can’t wait to release on the app everything I’ve been working on and hear the feedback from our 2.5 million users. I also feel so fulfilled in my life as a physically active mother because at FizzUp, I can work out between 12 and 2 pm. That’s how I can go home in the evening with a physically active working day already behind me and have the rest of the day to enjoy my daughter until the next morning.”


FizzUp’s mission is to help everyone live a better life thanks to exercise. This mission goes even further when it comes to women. Our marketing communication respects them and goes against the standard message all too often seen in the fitness sphere: that women should be ashamed of their bodies. We want to project an image of the perfect woman to help women build self-confidence and self-esteem. This mission is what makes us stand out, but it also represents our battle against a society that’s corrupted by these practices that are defacing the image of women everywhere.

women 05Considering women equal to men is a given and it’s up to men to uphold that idea. You can count on FizzUp to support you, every day!

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