Which Workout Program Should You Pick for Your New Year’s Resolution? (Women’s Edition)

Now that the new year is here, are you more motivated than ever to put on your favorite sportswear and whip out your exercise mat? Great! But then what? FizzUp’s here to get you to your 2020 fitness resolutions by helping you pick the perfect workout program.

The ultimate flowchart to help you pick your FizzUp program!

1. Do you want a program with or without equipment?

If you want a program with equipment to tone up your body:

Weight training isn’t just for men. Case in point: our program Irongirl, super effective dumbbell workouts that sculpt your upper body with exercises like biceps curls and bench presses. This routine works your thighs and glutes, too, with squats and glute bridges.

Tone up with Build – Full Body and Build – Full Body 2. These dumbbell workout programs will sculpt your glutes, thighs, arms, shoulders and chest in no time. What’s their secret? Exercises that target several muscle groups in synergy for better effectiveness. These progressive routines, which adapt to your feedback and dumbbell weight, improve your physical fitness in three weeks and evenly shape your physique.

If you’d prefer a mix of cardio and strength training, try our Train & Sweat program. This one carefully combines dumbbell strength training with cardio exercises to burn fat and tone muscle. And if these dumbbell programs leave you hungry for more, make sure you do part 2 of the Build – Full Body program series.

If you want a program with equipment, but you’re looking to train like an athlete:

Put your body to the test with the exercises in Be Ready, an exhilarating cross-training program packed with push-ups, burpees and other surprises. Unexpected weight training exercises, cardio moves and core strengthening will fortify your entire physique and make you stronger and more powerful than ever before! Get ready to unleash your inner athlete!

If you want to work out with a kettlebell, start the Kettlebell Mania program series. You’ll discover that with this CrossFit accessory, you’ll strengthen your arms, glutes and abs as you burn maximum calories by switching to kettlebell cardio exercises.

If you don’t have any equipment, then ask yourself the following questions:

2. Want to target a specific area of your body?

Yes, my abs: A flatter tummy, a slimmer waist and more toned abs. That’s what you can expect from the Abs program. You’ll do abdominal exercises like crunches and static and dynamic exercises in addition to full body exercises like mountain climbers. Abs also strengthens your deep abs and flattens your stomach with extra fat-burning cardio exercises.

Want to do perfect push-ups? Learn the right technique and master a variety of push-up variations with the program Beginner Push-Ups. This routine will turn you into a push-up pro as you sculpt your arms, shoulders and abs and tone your chest.

Yes, my lower body: Are toned legs, a smaller waist and a flat belly your fitness priorities? With Miami, you’ll reach these goals using equipment-free workouts that target every typical trouble spot (your thighs, glutes, hips and stomach). With abs, core and squat exercises, this workout plan is loaded with extra effective moves that will unveil your gorgeous curves!

Get your firmer, rounder behind! Booty is a comprehensive workout plan that homes in on this area with a variety of intense exercises such as squats, side lunges and glute bridges.

Sculpt is a new program that brings you the best of bodyweight workouts for women designed to reshape your abs, glutes and thighs. These circuit training sessions guarantee impressive results and fast.

If you want to work your entire body, then ask yourself the following questions:

3. What’s your current fitness level?

If you’re a beginner wanting to lose weight:

Want to slim down in no time? Then take advantage of the Fast Fat Burner program, which includes cardio exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers that blast fat and boost your metabolism using the high-intensity training method (HIIT). And to top it all off, you’ll also get strength and core training exercises to increase your muscle tone in addition to your weight loss.

If you’re getting back into exercise and want to sculpt your body:

Start with our Miami or Sculpt bestsellers, which combine your favorite exercises for a toned physique. Focusing on your glutes, these routines evenly sculpt the curves in your lower body.

If you’d rather do some full body training, try Amazon. This bodyweight workout program brings together the best strength training exercises to beautifully shape your body, such as reverse lunges-to-high knee, squats, dips and glute bridges. Ramp up your workout motivation as you feel your physique getting stronger and firmer.

If you have an advanced fitness level:

Put your physical fitness to the test by rising to the challenges in the cross-training program Do You. With abs exercises, cardio and intense full body workouts, you’ll keep setting the bar higher and higher as your strength, muscle mass and resistance continue to improve. This is a stimulating bodyweight training program created in collaboration with Puma.

The mental toughness of a champion, unwavering determination and a more muscular body: three of the athletic qualities you’ll earn with Be Ready. Get ready to sweat and overcome your physical boundaries with this comprehensive program you can do with or without equipment. Be Ready builds strength and power with push-ups and burpees that aren’t for the faint of heart

Want to push your limits and break a sweat with high-intensity workouts? Then you’re going to love HIIT HR, a program that has redesigned the HIIT method to make this form of training way more powerful and explosive. Tackle sessions at high-intensity intervals, significantly improve your overall fitness, burn fat fast and boost your athletic performance with HIIT HR.

4. How do you feel about cardio?

If you don’t really like cardio:

Get back into healthy exercise habits with our 21-Day Challenge program. This three-week routine gets you back on track with short workouts under 10 minutes that anyone can do. Invigorate your body confidence as you rekindle your love of exercise.

Want stronger (but not bigger) muscles? Irongirl is the exact dumbbell workout program you’re looking for. This routine alternates between exercises that focus on your upper body, lower body and entire body in order to tone strategic areas such as your arms, shoulders, thighs, glutes and abs while helping you maintain a feminine physique.

If you prefer more targeted workouts, opt for the Abs program, which was created to strengthen your abs and core for a flatter tummy.

You can also focus on your upper body. Strengthen your arms and shoulders and firm up your chest with the Beginner Push-Ups program, a routine that will turn you into a push-up pro.

If you want cardio for weight loss:

Want to lose weight fast? Waste no time with the Fast Fat Burner program, a completely equipment-free fitness routine that combines the best strength training exercises with brief bouts of cardio. Banish your body hang-ups and see the results in three weeks.

Burn and Maxi Burn attack fat by revving up your metabolism. These are two weight loss programs using intense cardio circuits. Get ready to let the sweat pour!

If you love cardio:

Improve your cardio endurance, burn maximum calories and get stronger when you tackle the HIIT or HIIT HR programs. These high-intensity workouts adapt to your fitness level so that you can give them your all!

If you want to boost your cardio endurance with diverse workouts that require equipment, take on the challenges you’ll find in the Be Ready cross-training program.

The winning combos to get you more results

1. The perfect combo for lean, toned muscles

If you’re just getting back into exercise, the three programs Beach Body, Miami and Abs are the perfect plans to help you tone up and lose weight. Start with Beach Body, a full body routine that’s great for sculpting your entire physique before you target specific areas with our abs, glutes and thighs program Miami. Then continue with our Abs program for a flatter tummy. Can’t get enough? See if you can make it to the end of our 21-Day Challenge program to make your results last.

For those who already have some fitness experience and beginners with extra motivation, we recommend you do Sculpt, Miami, Abs and then Booty. With this program combo, first you’ll sculpt your lower body and firm up your tummy with Sculpt’s innovative circuits. Next, you’ll become an expert in abs, glutes and thighs training when you do parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Miami program series. After that, you can home in on your midsection with the Abs program and last but not least, top it all off with intense glute exercises for a firmer, rounder butt with Booty.

Want to keep up the challenge? Spice up your workout routine with our other equipment-free weight loss workout program Mission: Weightlossible.

Alternatively, familiarize yourself with a light set of dumbbells for a faster body transformation. Out of inspiration? Test Train & Sweat, a zesty blend of cardio and strength training (bodyweight version also available) before you reach the apex of your fitness training with our Irongirl program.

Are you an avid fitness fan looking for something challenging that will have a profound impact of your physique? Then pair the Do You, HIIT HR and Be Ready programs. These three routines are based on cross-training (Do You and Be Ready) and high-intensity training HIIT HR) and will develop athletic skills such as muscular power, endurance and explosive strength as they slim down your physique. After you finish these programs, you’ll be ready to move mountains! 

2. The perfect combo to lose weight with cardio

If you want to lose weight, set out on a cardio-focused journey that will boost your metabolism and calorie burn. Start with the Fast Fat Burner program then keep going with the Burn program and finally the Maxi Burn program to eliminate maximum fat and improve your overall fitness. Maintain your workout routine (in addition to a balanced diet) to keep your hard-earned results intact by continuing with the high-intensity programs HIIT, HIIT 2, HIIT 3 and HIIT 4. Multiply your results and make them last! Say goodbye to the yo-yo effect.

Instead of HIIT, you could focus on more comprehensive strength training with programs like Sculpt and Miami. These routines sculpt, tone and melt fat in key areas (your belly, thighs and glutes).

3. The perfect combos for wellness and getting back into exercise

Want to use exercise just to improve your health, fight fatigue and feel better in your body? Then you should try our Wellness program series (parts 1, 2 and 3), our 21-Day Challenge program, our Essentials program or our Posture program series (parts 1 and 2). Right for all fitness levels, these daily workouts were created to enhance your sense of wellness and promote general fitness. Throughout these programs, you’ll strengthen your entire physique, improve your flexibility, increase your mobility and boost your energy.

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