Update 1.21: Workouts with Equipment Let Your Muscles Take on a New Dimension

To put more variety into your FizzUp fitness training, we’re now bringing you workouts with exercises using dumbbells with update 1.21. They’re a great complement to bodyweight muscle building and open up a new dimension of fitness training! Many of our users ask Julien, the FizzUp trainer, how to incorporate dumbbells into their strength training circuit. Look no further! Your trainer has created a program with weights to give your muscles a boost! Select the “Build Muscle with Equipment” (for men) or “Sculpt My Body with Equipment” (for women) goal to get a whole new workout experience.


This new goal is available for both men and women. Specifying your sex is necessary because your metabolism and physical ability depend on if you’re male or female. That’s why FizzUp has created a total of 45 levels for both women and men (i.e. more than 1,000 workouts with dumbbells).

The levels were designed to gradually evolve, with new exercises targeting your biceps, pecs, triceps, shoulders, glutes and thighs.

update 1.21 01

The exercises with equipment that make up each level have been carefully chosen to evenly sculpt your body without creating muscle imbalance. Working your entire body is extremely important if you want to effectively build your muscles.


The “Build Muscle with Equipment” or “Sculpt My Body with Equipment” goal is for FizzUp users who want to build muscle and take their progress to the next level.

With this goal, women who want to sculpt their bodies will be able to bring out the most attractive features of their physique and tone their muscles. With equipment now added to their program, they can get rounder glutes, leaner legs and firmer arms.

This program is also for men who want to develop their muscles to show off prominent pecs, sculpted thighs, a broad back and beefy arms.

update 1.21 02

FizzUp recommends the “Build Muscle with Equipment” or “Sculpt My Body with Equipment” for beginners who want to build muscle because they’ll get better results than with bodyweight workouts. These goals get them faster results and target specific areas of their body that they want to work the most.

For the best start to your strength training with dumbbells, take the time to study the positions of each exercise well by reading the description and tips from the trainer. Do each movement slowly. There’s no need to rush it in strength training, so take the time to work your muscles.


Incorporating dumbbells into your fitness routine gives it more variety, but that’s not all! It also lets you experience new sensations when you work out by bringing your muscular resistance into play. It works your muscular endurance less. The main purpose of this goal is to build your strength.

Working with weights enables you to feel your muscles working significantly more and targets your physical efforts in order to build the muscles in your shoulders, arms and chest. These areas of your body are harder to work using just your body weight. The real advantage of working out with equipment is that it works these muscles more effectively if you have little to no workout experience. With your body weight, you can work and develop these muscles using exercises that require more expertise.


The FizzUp trainer recommends using dumbbells that weigh 13 lb (6 kg) for women and 17 lb (8 kg) for men. Of course, these amounts change depending on how experienced you are. You’ll gradually become a pro at working out with equipment, so eventually you’ll be able to increase their weight by adding 4 lb (2 kg) at a time to get even better results.

update 1.21 03

Remember to keep this piece of advice in mind: use the same amount of weight for the entire FizzUp level. If you don’t, the maximum number of repetitions you’re able to do during your evaluations and progress score will change. With new workout protocols that combine sets, circuits and pyramid training, you’ll watch your entire body transform. FizzUp workouts with equipment were designed to bring you the winning combination of effective exercises and efficient workout protocols. With these new exercises with dumbbells, you’ll discover a whole new way to live the FizzUp experience.

Update 1.21 gives you more variety in your workout and turns your fitness training up a notch. Have a great workout!

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