The Rhythm: The New FizzUp Feature to Keep You Motivated

To make progress and reach your goals, working out regularly is key. But that’s easier said than done! In fact, we’ve noticed that in practice, working out regularly and getting into new fitness habits in particular are hard to maintain over the long term. At FizzUp, this is what drives our commitment to and our passion for innovation. That’s why today, I’m pleased to present you with a new feature that is a REAL​ solution to this problem: the Rhythm​!


Not having enough time isn’t the root of the problem

Working out regularly is an important part of FizzUp. It’s in our DNA. Since the beginning, we’ve always kept innovating with the following issues in mind: How does someone work out regularly? How do they keep working out regularly? How do they maintain their fitness routine over the long term? How do they make physical activity a permanent part of their lifestyle? We previously thought that the answer was in the length of the workout. Many of you have told us that you have little time to work out. We listened, and now we too have realized that it’s hard to fit long workouts into a hectic schedule, despite the saying “love does not count the cost”. So, are we the ones who don’t love exercise, or is it that exercise doesn’t love us?


Want to know the truth? Not having the time is only part of the excuse: there are many factors that play a fundamental and decisive role when it comes to your motivation. Exercise doesn’t love you? Don’t panic! With FizzUp, you’ll find the foolproof solution to that using our new feature: the Rhythm.

Let’s get to it: All about the rhythm

When you don’t like someone, the feeling is often mutual. You get bad vibes and the atmosphere is tense. It’s the same with exercise! If you don’t like exercise, exercise won’t like you. You’ll find that workouts are difficult and that being physically active becomes a chore and a constraint. In the day and age of digital technology and artificial intelligence in a highly mobile society, FizzUp has changed that with the arrival of the Rhythm! It’s a supplement to your short, varied and custom workouts, which are perfect for giving your motivation a boost. Everyone has their own rhythm, but the key to making progress is to maintain this rhythm over the long term. On FizzUp, the Rhythm indicates how regularly you work out and rewards you for it. You’ll boost your motivation, which will help you make your physical fitness habits stick in your everyday life.

How it works

Green: You’ve kept up your rhythm and have been training regularly. Red: You’re losing your rhythm. After each workout, FizzUp shows you the number of workouts you’ve done in a row, meaning the number of workouts you’ve done on time and without skipping any days (without your Rhythm ever turning red). This is what we call Rhythm’s score.

It’s up to you to find the right rhythm in order to score higher. The trainer puts together the ideal workout schedule. It’s then up to you to adapt it to your schedule and find the right balance… in other words, your own rhythm. The rule is simple: you have two days after a workout to do the next one. Your Rhythm circle stays green for these two days. After the second day, you’re considered ‘late’ and will be given another two days to do your workout. If you still don’t work out, your Rhythm circle turns red and your score falls back down to zero.​ That’s when you lose your Rhythm after not working out for a total of five days. Don’t worry, the trainer is there for support and will let you know if you’re about to lose your Rhythm.

The FizzUp team is leading the way

After several months of testing the Rhythm, it’s unanimous for the FizzUp team: the Rhythm boosts your motivation to work out regularly, as the team’s impressive Rhythm scores show.


That’s why I’m very pleased to announce the launch of this new feature, which will enhance your FizzUp experience and give rhythm to your physically active lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer: find out your own Rhythm score at the end of your next workout!


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