Should You Work Out on Friday the 13th?

Had a look at the calendar today? It doesn’t lie… today is Friday the 13th. Maybe you have paraskavedekatriaphobia (a fear of Friday the 13), but don’t panic! Ward off bad luck with a secret that’s been passed down from generation to generation: your FizzUp app! Don’t believe us? It’s built on positive vibes, so good karma is always on your side. Fight curses with self-determination and lots and lots of squat jumps!


Lying around on the couch, lifeless and feeling down? Despite the uneasiness Friday the 13th might bring, sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health.

Friday the 13th 01

Don’t give demons the time of day and break a sweat with the FizzUp trainer instead. Do 13 squats, then 13 push-ups to turn this unlucky number into the magic number for your healthy and fitness. The choice is yours!


Instead of running away from ladders, taunt any evil curse when you use it for your FizzUp workout. They work great for almost any exercise, such as incline push-ups, bench dips, glute bridges and so much more! Of course, you can do FizzUp fitness training without any equipment, but many exercises require something for you to lean on for support. A ladder can give you just enough stability to get even more out of your workout.


Cats: a witch’s best friend and the one house pet that makes you shiver with fear on the most cursed Friday of the year (because not everyone can protect themselves with black magic). Luckily, FizzUp lets you do your daily workout from the comfort of your own home. Got a black cat around the house? Then sadly, there isn’t much the trainer can do for you. If you’re able to overcome your superstitions, nothing is stopping you from getting some exercise outside! If the cat next door is looking at you from the window, just turn your back!

Editor’s note: We assure you that no black cats were injured in the writing of this article.


Your favorite fitness app for smartphones, tablets and computers brings you more luck than any horseshoe or four-leaf clover because you can use it to push your physical limits and shatter your own records. Now nothing will stand in your way! But avoid dancing with the devil by saying no to bread. Having it within sight can ruin all your hard work on that mat for that day. It would be like inviting evil to dinner, turning your Friday the 13th into an absolute nightmare!


Did you know that historically, Friday the 13th hasn’t deterred people from trying their luck and some have actually won millions on this “unlucky” day. So why shouldn’t you?! Start your FizzUp workout at 1:13 pm (the 13th hour and 13th minute of the day) to triple your chances of winning the lottery. This phenomenon has been the subject of several studies, which have all confirmed the incredible powers of our workout programs. Like the biggest lottery winners of all time will tell you, nothing is a match for FizzUp! And even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you’ll have least upped your chances of a better body.


Some of our users have experienced a strange occurrence after their FizzUp workout: mirrors tend to break whenever they’re around them. Why? Because they were used to their old reflection and were absolutely astounded by how much their appearance had changed. In fact, they were so surprised that they just exploded into a million pieces. Instead of bringing you bad luck, it’s just a sign that you’ve made some major progress in your life.

Friday the 13th 03

But wait until tomorrow to clean up the glass so that you don’t run the risk of getting any bad luck on you (just in case).

Now you know that your FizzUp workout gives you total peace of mind and makes a foolproof lucky charm that will fill your Friday the 13th with prosperity and good fortune. It would be a shame to miss it and watch your Rhythm score fall just because of superstition. But beware: FizzUp can’t be held liable for any accidents if you decide not to do your workout!

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