FizzUp’s Revolutionary Update in March 2019

We’re revealing a cleaner, more convenient and more user-friendly design. Introducing the biggest FizzUp update so far in 2019!

Exercise videos

We’ve revamped your entire workout experience by upgrading from exercise GIFs to videos. Why? Because videos make it significantly easier to grasp every movement of an exercise. And there are several other advantages of using videos, too, such as fluid movements, views from different angles and high definition, making this FizzUp’s greatest evolution of the past few months!

update 01

Now, over 400 exercise videos available from different camera angles:

  • A straight-on angle to clearly show the model’s position and the alignment of their arms and legs
  • A three-quarter front angle to show the finer details of each exercise

How far apart should you place your hands for a push-up or your feet for a squat? We’ve worked with top fitness trainers specialized in strength training, cross-training, abdominal training and stretching and with our new exercise videos, you’ll see exactly how each exercise is done. You’ve seen Emily and Luke in the app before, but let us introduce our newcomers Elodie and Benjamin!

update 02

Your workout made simpler

To go along with the arrival of the exercise videos, we’ve also transformed the app’s workout interface to make your workout even easier and user-friendly. Swipe from right to left to move on to the next exercise and up to see the exercise’s instructions.

update 03

You can see the next exercise video during your rest time, too… a convenient way to get familiar with its movements and read up on how to do the exercise as you rest. You’ll be a pro even before your first try!

update 04

The app will show you the details of each mandatory and optional block of your workout before it starts, with a list of the exercises it includes, how long it will last and the number of circuits it will ask you to do.

update 05

Other changes made to optimize your experience

Here are the other major adjustments we made to ensure that your app is as seamless as it can be.

update 06

  • Number of sets and circuits: The “dots” that previously showed how many sets or circuits you’ll do in your workout have been turned into a progress bar now located at the bottom of your screen.
  • “Pause” button: Originally located at the top right-hand corner of your screen, we changed its style and moved it to the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, much like the process bar.
  • “Next” button: You can move on to the next exercise by swiping from right to left or by tapping the button located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Evaluation screen: This screen sports a whole new design for a clearer look that’s easier to read.
  • Speech: The robotic voice you used to hear has been removed due to its unpopularity and will be replaced by an unprecedented sound experience, which will be rolled out in a future release.

To date, FizzUp has over five million users and is the most downloaded fitness app in France. We’ve come this far thanks to our never-ending desire to keep innovating and applying our users’ feedback to the app. All this to say: we built this update together!

For us here at FizzUp, this update is the fruit of many months of hard work. We’re extremely proud to present to you the all-new version of FizzUp. We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our users for your loyalty and valuable feedback that inspires us to keep taking your workout experience to new heights!

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