FizzUp Update 1.19: Sleek, Simple and Effective

If you could describe FizzUp in three words, what would they be? Sleek, simple and effective. These words define the FizzUp update perfectly. After FizzUp Update 1.18, which brought you revolutionized app content in mid-November, we’ve revolutionized the look of the app with update 1.19! Because you should also like what you see during your workout (and not just what you do). So without further ado, here’s what’s new.

A warmer welcome



Some of our users thought it was too neutral, too impersonal, too light or too dark. “What’s that?,” you ask? FizzUp’s dashboard.

The FizzUp Staff put their heads together to create this new screen that’s sleeker, more colorful and more welcoming. We’re sure you’re going to love it!

This visual revolution better represents the FizzUp spirit and was added to the app without changing FizzUp’s key component: user-friendliness.

All the information you need is still there: your current level, goal, the date of your next workout and, of course, the main “Start” button, which gets your workout started in a single click. Let’s go!

These visual improvements have made its user-friendliness even more pleasing to the eye. We’ve enhanced your experience of both the workout programs’ content and the visual content.

Our developers also have a little surprise for you in this update. Don’t wait! Find out the little trick the dashboard can do now. It will put a smile on your face. There are many new “faces” of the app for you to explore. Explore, tap and shake! SURPRISE!

Thanks to your opinions and feedback, you’ve helped us create this new screen. Keep it up! Let us know what you think. Do you like this new screen?

New exercise instructions


Your FizzUp trainer is always looking for new ways to improve your fitness experience. You need to master every exercise if you want it to be effective.

With a new “exercise list” section in the app, you can enhance your knowledge about your workout and become a true expert when you do your FizzUp exercises.

Not sure how to do an exercise correctly? Don’t panic! Tap “Pause,” then tap the button “View Exercise List”.


Select the exercise you’d like to review to display three new sections for you to review:

  • The exercise in action: Take all the time you need to study the model’s movements and copy them. How are their feet positioned? Which why are they looking during the exercise? How fast are they doing it? There are so many important questions you should be asking yourself if you want to do the exercise correctly. Be sure to use this key information to your advantage.
  • Exercise instructions: The trainer describes how to work through the exercise step by step. Starting position, exercise movements, what your legs or arms should be doing during the exercise… this section describes in detail the movement you saw in action in the previous section!
  • Tips from the trainer: Now you can read the tips from the trainer on how to do the exercise perfectly. Ever wondered how fast you should be going, how you should breathe or what you should be paying attention to during an exercise? With this new section, you can now find out the trainer’s secrets (so that you can be perfectly at ease during your workout) and the mistakes you should avoid making.

A promise is a promise: FizzUp will never cease to amaze you! With update 1.19, FizzUp is changing how you visually experience fitness training. Just as simple and effective as before, your favorite application only makes your life more enjoyable. Update your app today! With FizzUp, you can have fun before, during and after your workout!

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