Try FizzUp Stretching Circuit #3 for a Flexible Start to Your Day

For a gentler wake-up, try our new stretching circuit as soon as you roll out of bed. These FizzUp stretches will gently energize your muscles, giving your body some time to wake up instead of getting dressed or chowing down on breakfast right away.


Not a morning person? Or do you love taking your time after the alarm goes off? This stretching circuit is for you, because it helps you clear your mind, regain control of your body and gives you some time to relax before you take on your day. You can also shake up your wake-up with FizzUp stretching circuit #1 and FizzUp stretching circuit #2. They’ll give you a list of stretches you can do right in your bedroom. Repeat each stretch three times. While doing each stretch, remember that it shouldn’t be painful and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable in order to be effective.


stretching circuit 01


Stand while making sure to keep your back straight. Place your left hand on the top of your head, before gently pulling your head toward the left side. Do it slowly so that you don’t hurt your neck. Do the same on the right side. Hold each stretch for 25 seconds.


stretching circuit 04

Stay standing and extend your left arm out in front of you. Using your right arm, grasp your left elbow and bring your left arm to your chest. Do the same on the other side. Hold each stretch for 25 seconds.


stretching circuit 05

Now that you’ve taken care of your upper body, it’s time to stretch out your legs. Still standing, step your left leg forward, then lift your toes as you keep your heel on the floor. Your left leg should now be straight while your right knee is slightly bent. Your back should stay straight as you do the stretch. Try to touch the toes of your left foot with your left hand. Place your right hand on your right knee. Do the same stretch on the right side. Hold each stretch for 25 seconds.


stretching circuit 06

Sit with your knees bent and the soles of your feet together. Place your elbows against your knees and grasp your ankles with your hands. Your back should stay straight and your elbows should push on your knees slightly. Hold the stretch for 25 seconds.

Tip: The FizzUp trainer recommends focusing on your breathing as you stretch. Take a deep breath in and never hold your breath.

With FizzUp stretching circuit #3, you’ll prep your body for your daily workout. It’s the perfect way to start your muscles’ day! Try our other stretches with the Single Workouts, available with FizzUp Premium!

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