The Benefits of Meditation

Mindfulness meditation using the body scan method has many benefits that add to and complement the benefits you get with your home workout program. Improve your quality of life by starting meditation.

The benefits of meditation in terms of your behavior

Meditation transforms how you look at life and your world view. Your emotions will stop having control over your behavior. You’ll develop skills that are essential for your peace of mind.


1 | Develop unbreakable concentration

The brain is a muscle. Like any muscle, you have to work it to keep it sharp. The same goes for its skills. The ability to concentrate varies from person to person, but you can easily improve and maintain it. Meditation teaches you how to focus on a single detail. You’ll be able to stop letting your mind wander aimlessly. By controlling your mind, you can stop wasting energy when you pay attention to every little detail.

Meditation helps you meticulously control, channel and direct your mind. You’ll better understand your relationship to things and situations are beyond your control, which your mind often places too much importance on. You’ll be able to concentrate for longer periods of time. During your meditation sessions, you won’t always be able to stay focused. That’s normal for beginners. Don’t be too hard on yourself! The more you practice meditation, the easier it will be for you to enter into a deep state of concentration.

2 | Hone in on your senses

Practicing meditation on a regular basis helps you home in on how you think and feel in your own body. You’ll take in your own schema as you become more mindful of your body. You’ll also discover new sensations, because you’ll be more inclined to pay attention to them. You’ll have the impression that you can taste more things and have a better sense of smell. Your eyesight will also be improved. Meditation helps you fully communicate with your senses.

3 | Learn to let go

Body scan meditation helps you let go. You pay less attention to the thoughts and opinions in your mind. You can take a step back and objectively think about situations that are beyond your control. This separates your thoughts from your emotions. You stop bearing the burden of your biases and impulses. You’re not being passive; you’re just observing the world in a more serene and peaceful way that comes from within.

The benefits of meditation in terms of your health

Stress, often blamed for signs of illness or mental suffering, is one of the main symptoms that meditation can treat, because it lessens its impact. You’ll live more serenely and be less prone to depression, anxiety and illness.


1 | Eliminate stress

Mindfulness relieves stress because it reduces the self-reference effect in certain areas of the brain, which function when you encode information based on how much you yourself are involved in the information. One study showed that patients treated with ultraviolet light for psoriasis (an inflammatory skin disease often caused by psychological trauma and prolonged by stress) showed that their lesions were reduced when they also practiced mindfulness meditation.

2 | Treat your illnesses

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to be beneficial in the aftercare of patients with serious illnesses. Dr. Michael Speca, a psychologist at the University of Calgary, conducted a study that showed that mindfulness improved the moods of patients with cancer. Their level of fatigue and various stress-related symptoms also decreased when they regularly practiced mindfulness meditation. Not having not analyze pain by asking themselves why or how they’re experiencing it helped patients recover.

Meditation regulates your cognition and emotions. As a matter of fact, it improves your ability to accept, control and look at painful emotions objectively. Those who are experienced in mindfulness meditation can identify their negative thoughts, without letting them get worse by dwelling on them. Another study conducted by John Teasdale, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Oxford, shows a drop in relapses in patients with episodes of depression during a period of aftercare that included Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Mindfulness meditation acts as a prevention tool that can reduce or stop the need for drug treatments.

Get the benefits of meditation to have a better quality of life. Make progress toward your goal with peace of mind and stop letting situations that you can’t control have an impact on your wellness. When will you start practicing mindfulness meditation?

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