8 Reasons to be Happy You’re Single on Valentine’s Day!

Are you sad about being single on Valentine’s Day? You shouldn’t be! This is a great opportunity to treat yourself. Cupid will eventually work his magic, but in the meantime, don’t let yourself go! The FizzUp trainer gives you eight good reasons to be happy you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Single on valentine’s day? Get in excellent health!

Being in a relationship has many advantages, but so does being single, especially for your health.

  • Reason #1: Your weight stays stable

Whether or not you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you should be watching your waistline. One noteworthy difference between singles and people in relationships is that their weight is more stable. In 2015, German researchers at the Max Planck Institute, in collaboration with the market research institute GfK, conducted a study that showed that the BMI of married people was higher than that of singles, weighing 4.5 lb (2 kg) more on average.

Another factor that gets singles motivated is their desire to feel attractive. You might be wanting to take better care of your body to attract attention. Another study conducted by the Netherlands and the United States highlights how the instinct to give food to your loved ones affects your weight fluctuation. That’s one way to show your love, but unfortunately it has some negative consequences for your physique. When you’re single, you’re less likely to give in to temptation.

  • Reason #2: You have more time for yourself

When you’re single, you have more time for yourself. This means you have more time to do your favorite activities. You don’t have to give in to a sedentary lifestyle that couples can sometimes take up, preventing them from being physically active. A survey conducted in Great Britain on seven couples aged 63 to 70 showed that getting encouragement from your spouse is a key factor in starting and sticking with regular physical activity. As such, your motivation depends only on you.

  • Reason #3: You sleep better

Knowing you sleep alone, the FizzUp trainer has another surprising, yet reassuring reason to be happy you’re single on Valentine’s Day: singles are lucky because they don’t have to deal with their partner’s sleep problems and get better sleep! Neil Stanley, a sleep expert, believes that nearly 50% of couples have a harder time getting to sleep than singles. The reason? Different sleep patterns, a spouse who snores… Being single enables you to get to sleep fast and sleep like a baby!

Single on valentine’s day? Live hassle-free

When you’re single, no one can make you feel bad about taking time for yourself. You’re free to can relax and choose the social relationships you have.


  • Reason #4: You can turn to others

Being single doesn’t mean that you have absolutely no social life. Quite the opposite! You just don’t have a relationship to take care of. This makes you even more available for your family and friends, with whom you have closer relationships. Far from being people who act as “placeholders” until you get into a romantic relationship, your loved ones are just the people to give you the emotional stability you need. Friends and a nurturing family are as beneficial for your mental health as a romantic relationship.

Here’s another major advantage: being single pushes you to turn to others. It makes you more open to meeting people, more sociable and better able to make new social connections.

  • Reason #5: You choose the people you want to socialize with

You’re lucky to be single: it means you don’t have to tolerate your in-laws when you have a never-ending get-together on the weekends! You can choose the people you want to spend time with and not feel guilty about it. If your ex gets back in touch with you, no one will be upset with you.

  • Reason #6: You save money

You don’t need to pick up the tab for someone else when you go out to eat. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you can spend your money on doing things you like, without feeling obligated to pay for or financially support someone else. That makes the holidays easier on your wallet.

Single on valentine’s day? You’re free to do what you want!

Not in a relationship? Be happy, because you’re completely free! Free to check out who you want, free to focus on your own life plans, free to go out on several dates and free to put yourself first!


  • Reason #7: You’re independent

There’s a major advantage to being single that people often overlook. You can listen more to your own needs and desires. You can constantly strive to live a fulfilling life and find the lifestyle that works best for you.

When asked the question, psychotherapists often emphasize the need for singles to know themselves, to better identify or even re-evaluate who they are, which are real advantages for the future, whereas couples sometimes tend to blur the boundary separating their individual personalities. So take more action for your happiness and personal fulfillment when you’re single, because you need to get out of your comfort zone. This will help you develop your own independence.

  • Reason #8: You’re in control

Who will get to choose what movie you’re watching tonight? Who will get to wear the same t-shirt three times in a row? Who will get to go a week or two without shaving? Who can listen to their guilty pleasure songs as loud as they want? You, of course! You’re single, which means that you play by your own rules. Enjoy it… it won’t last forever!

Did you think that being single on Valentine’s Day only had its disadvantages? With these eight reasons to be happy about your relationship status, FizzUp proves just the opposite. Make the most of your Valentine’s Day, but only in the way that’s best for you. Relying more on family and friends, staying both physically and socially active and being more independent, today’s singles know how to take care of themselves and the people around them.

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