Relieve Back Pain with Good Posture

Worldwide, nearly 1 in 10 people suffer from lower back pain according to an article on the topic published in Time magazine. A sedentary lifestyle, sitting for long periods of time, poor posture and stress are all factors that can cause this problem that affects your quality of life. Relieve back pain with these simple solutions from the FizzUp trainer.

Good posture helps you relieve back pain

Having good posture is a simple way to protect your spine and the bones and muscles that make up your back. With good back support, you spare your neck, shoulders and lower back to get rid of back pain. If you’re going to spend long hours sitting or standing, this easy technique will help you relieve back pain with good posture.

Rounded shoulders means poor posture

Over the long term, poor posture leads to changes in your spine’s anatomy: your back starts to hunch, your shoulders slump forward and your abdomen sticks out. A lack of back support causes back stress, which causes your nerves and blood vessels to shrink, as well as muscle and joint pain.

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Rounded shoulders is a sign of poor posture. This causes your spine to become stiff and creates a lasting unbalance in your upper body. This goes against the natural balance in your spine and your muscles have to work extra hard to keep your back straight. Tension builds up in the body, leading to headaches, neck and shoulder pain and problems in your organs and respiratory system.

Poor posture also affects how you carry yourself in general. You’ll look more tired, beat, slouched or unkempt. Sitting and standing up straight with good posture changes how you interact with other people and helps boost your self-confidence.

Improve your posture by aligning each area of your body

To have better posture on an everyday basis, imagine a string that goes between your earlobes, shoulder, hip, knee and the middle of your ankle in a straight line. This aligns each area of your body and puts it in the right place to help you protect your back. You’ll relieve back pain when you can maintain good posture, whether you’re sitting, standing, squatting, lying down or bending over.

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To prevent rounded shoulders due to sitting for long periods of time, strengthening the muscles behind your shoulders is a must. The Arlaud movement and the FizzUp rower help you fight your shoulders’ natural tendency to roll forward and enable you to put them back in the right place. This reinforces your shoulders and relieves you of pain, which is why your FizzUp workout program includes these exercises in your workout.

Turning good posture into a habit requires a bit of extra effort in the beginning. But in time, you won’t have to think about it anymore and will start to feel all the benefits of good posture in your back. When you correct your posture, stay relaxed and flexible because there’s no need to make the problem worse.

Improve your posture by supporting you back when seated

At the office, you can change the way you sit to relieve back pain and pain in your arms. Your computer screen should be aligned with your eyes. You should never have to look down with your eyes or head. This means that your chair should be adjusted to the right height. Your feet should be laid flat on the floor and spaced hip-width apart. Your legs should form two right angles. Sit all the way back in your chair. Your back should barely touch the back of your chair. Slightly rotate your hips forward to relieve your lower back. Imagine again that a string is running straight down your entire body. That’s how you can have good posture, even at the office.

With these tips, you’ll start to automatically sit or stand with good posture, which will greatly improve your health and quality of life. Open your FizzUp app and relieve back pain now.

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