How to Stay in Shape with an Office Job

“Eat, sleep, work, repeat…” This saying might describe your everyday routine so well that you forget that there’s another one that goes “eat, sleep, work, exercise, repeat”! Do you have sit in a typically uncomfortable position all day for your office job that’s dangerous for your health? Then how can you feel energetic and in shape when you spend most of the week sitting at a desk, usually in front of a computer screen? The answer is simple: have a healthy physical activity that works with your busy schedule. Short, balanced workouts, like the ones you’ll find in the FizzUp program, will help you get back your health and energy after a day of no physical activity. Here are our tips.


Although planning out your work day seems like common sense, you might often overlook the time you should spend on your personal life, which now should be an integral part of your schedule. Try to work in specific time slots for routine “me time” activities during your week that are only for your wellness and fitness. Prioritize your daily tasks and stick to your fitness resolutions, come what may.

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Working out regularly is the key to successfully getting back in shape. The great thing about the FizzUp program is that it fits into the busiest of schedules by giving you 20 to 30-minute workouts every 2 days. You don’t need to spend hours and hours on a machine at the gym anymore. You can get an effective and equipment-free workout right at home with your FizzUp online fitness trainer. He’ll plan out your workout days to make creating your schedule easier.

Tip: Always keep a gym bag at the office (with a bottle of water, towel, shoes and sportswear).


Always sitting at a desk at your office job? Not anymore! Learn about the benefits of physical activity for your body and mind and turn a run to the photocopier into a fitness challenge. Just do a few squat repetitions while you’re waiting for your document to finish printing. Making a cup of coffee? Do a few squats while the machine is filling your cup. Need to go up a few floors? Forget the elevator and use the stairs instead. Got a meeting this afternoon? Ask your colleagues to have it while standing. These tricks will help you get your muscles working again and build your cardiovascular endurance. Put some physical activity back into your workday and relieve the pain in your muscles felt after sitting for a long period of time. Besides that, your back pain will be nothing but a distant memory when you do you FizzUp workouts and exercises like the Arlaud movement.

Get up every two hours to stretch your legs. If your company doesn’t let you work standing up yet, try adjusting your chair correctly to improve your posture. A poorly adjusted office chair can cause painful muscle cramps. Keep your feet as flat as possible on the floor and sit all the way back in your chair.


Nothing could be easier than using your daily commute to work as an excuse for a workout! Think of your surroundings as a call to exercise. Got some steps to go up? They’re excellent for your glutes and thighs. Is there a steep climb ahead of you? Climb it with small steps to melt fat. Sitting on a park bench? This is the perfect piece of equipment for a set of bench dips or decline push-ups. Your FizzUp trainer will only applaud the progress you’ll make!

Feel free to leave your car in the garage. Walking is considered a physical activity, so it would be a shame to go without it. And better yet, riding your bike to the office in the morning and evening can easily help you go five miles without even realizing it. Some employees or managers even decide get to work with public transport in the morning, and then run home in the evening, so why couldn’t you?


Having a hard time finding the motivation to get up 30 to 40 minutes earlier to go work out, especially when you’ve got a long commute to the office ahead of you? If you get home after 8 pm, is relaxing the only thing you want to do? Then turn your lunch break into a workout! This is the best time of day for physical activity, making it possible to avoid the typical afternoon slump. You’ll unwind and boost your energy so that you can be more productive. If your company has a gym or a break room (and even better, a shower), then take advantage of it!

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Don’t get discouraged by thinking that you’ll be spending your one-hour break exercising instead of eating. You’ll feel fantastic after 20 minutes with FizzUp and still have 40 minutes for lunch. The fact that FizzUp is fun and gets you lasting and visible results will inspire your colleagues to follow your lead. Now that’s a way to build team spirit!


Exercise is the key to guaranteeing a fulfilling and extraordinary working life. We’ve designed the FizzUp program to improve your posture in order to relieve your everyday back pain. You’ll feel fit as you align your body and mind. You’ll always love getting back the desire to exercise when you see how much progress you made in so little time with your FizzUp trainer. You’ll feel proud of yourself, and this will show in your working environment. And besides, during exercise, you can focus on your work, find solutions and elaborate on any ideas you have for your projects. With exercise, you can refocus on yourself as you giving yourself a new way to think.

You’ll also be less stressed because exercise increases serotonin, a beneficial hormone that has a calming effect. It will help you relieve anxiety. This puts you in the best condition to go back to work afterward.


Want to say in shape with a busy working life and a time-consuming office job? It’s a piece of cake (or almost)! A little planning ahead and motivation are all you need. When you put these tips into practice, you’ll be doing something good for your body in every way. When you feel terrific in your own skin, you’ll feel terrific at your office job. Get your colleagues to start their FizzUp adventure and stay in shape together!

If you’re physically active, tell us your tips on staying in shape!

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