How to Overcome Your Fears Just in Time for Halloween

It’s almost time for Halloween and who’s knocking at your door? The FizzUp trainer, who says, “Trick of FizzUp!” Save yourself the “trick” by whipping out your favorite fitness app. He’ll help you overcome your fears in just in time for Halloween with these FizzUp tips.


Always feel like someone’s watching you, so you prefer not to leave your house? It’s probably just a ghost that likes you. If you want to steer clear of him, stay at home and start your FizzUp workout. Stay safe with your exercise program.

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The Walking Dead – Credit: Gene Page/AMC

And the best part? You’ll get faster results with all the Single Workouts* right in your app. If ghosts manage to find their way into your house, you can take your FizzUp program with you wherever you go. We’re sure Casper will love how motivated you are and cheer you on as you do rep after rep of your exercises.


Have your neighbors been acting weird lately? Do your friends stare at you whenever you come around? Overwhelmed by nightmares when you sleep? Open your FizzUp app to take action so that you don’t end up like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Do your workout and boost your friends now. It’s time to be your own support system. When you encourage your friends and family to work out, you’re helping them find their fitter, healthier selves. Exercise actually has many benefits for your brain and keeps your mood balanced. Say goodbye to bad dreams and strange behaviors! If these signs continue, the trainer recommends going far away for a few days until the full mood goes is over.


This Halloween, are you scared that inanimate objects will come after you? Are the lights on the treadmill blinking sporadically? Did your weights fall off the handles? Think the exercise machines are out to get you? Just say no to the gym! It’s time to stop relying on equipment. Switch to bodyweight strength training with FizzUp to keep muscle imbalances at bay and prevent injuries caused by equipment that’s too heavy or poorly calibrated. No-equipment fitness training is easy, effective and hassle free. With FizzUp, you’ll never have to worry about your fear of exercise equipment.


Food toxins can quickly take over your body. Stop them from turning you into a creature of the night with FizzUp Nutrition. Cook up a FizzUp meal that you know is great for you over 150 recipes* and videos you’ll find right in your app. FizzUp’s recipes are healthy and balanced to keep your weight in check around Halloween. Candy and sweets don’t stand a chance with delights like our Muffizz Surprise!


Are you a hypochondriac? Then we’ve got another great reason to work out with FizzUp. Because we make it possible to exercise at home, you can dodge public places and the illnesses that could be going around in them. Let other people turn into zombies and don’t forget to stock up on supplies. You’ve always got to be ready to survive!

In case you need to make a quick exit, don’t forget that FizzUp fitness training has the potential to improve all your athletic skills. Build strength, endurance and resistance as you increase your lung power to leave those zombies in the dust!


Around Halloween or at any time of the year, FizzUp online fitness training is guaranteed to get you results. Why? Because with the evaluation at the start of every level, the exercises in your FizzUp workout program are adapted to your physical abilities. See how much progress you’ve made when you do the second evaluation. Have no fear! With FizzUp, you’re in good, fit hands.

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The Shining – Photo: Allociné/AMC

It doesn’t take magic to overcome your fears with FizzUp, just a determined spirit that wants to take action to effectively improve their health and keep it in top shape. Stop letting Halloween fill you with fear. With FizzUp fitness training, you can take on any horror that comes your way!

*FizzUp Premium feature

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