How to Be Your Own Hero

Ever feel like life’s a bit rough? If that’s a “yes,” then it might be time to get the FizzUp trainer involved. Recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the most downloaded fitness application in France in 2016 will change your life, because being your own superhero shouldn’t wait!

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Want a life that’s more fun and makes you feel like you have superpowers and abilities that even the greatest superhero could have? It’s never been easier! Don’t laugh! YOU decide if you want to be your own hero. Once you’ve made that decision, pick back up where you left off in your life and turn what makes you uncomfortable into what makes you feel free by transforming your weaknesses into strengths and thinking positive, your best weapon against sadness and anxiety. Put Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and their sidekicks in the shade when you become Fizzman or Fizzwoman!

[quote cite=’Batman Begins’ align=’right’]It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.[/quote]

Level 1: have a bigger outlook on life

Now’s the time to look at your daily life in a more extraordinary way. If you want to be your own hero, you have to see things on a bigger scale. And we’re not talking about megalomania! Try to make your mind more flexible so that you can find a solution to every problem and that every stressful or unpleasant situation turns into a new opportunity. Every moment of your day should have the ability to captivate you or excite you.

Is your bus just about to leave? Don’t panic! You’ll run so fast that you’ll be on the bus even before the doors close. Is your office chair a little bit wobbly? Don’t you think squats are the perfect position to work in instead of sitting? Did you get your cape stuck in the escalator at the mall? Have no fear! Your biceps will be so toned that all you need to do is use your strength to pull it out. Is the elevator full? This is the golden opportunity to use the stairs and firm up your thighs. When you get to the top, you won’t even be out of breath because your FizzUp trainer will have helped you face these kinds of extreme situations. The exercises’ level of difficulty in your strength training block is adapted to suit your fitness level so that you can effectively make progress over the long term.

Level 2 : take a break from what’s “normal”


Deciding to be your own hero means that you need to be ready to stand out from the crowd, break away from the norms imposed by modern society, refuse to believe any common misconceptions and set your own goals. You are your only example of perfection. You play by your own rules. By rejecting what’s “normal,” you’ll give yourself the incredible freedom of thought.

Is the sun starting to peek through the clouds and suddenly your coworkers are having salads to get ready for summer (which is a good thing to do)? As your own hero, you won’t wait until summer gets here to take charge of your body. You’ll already be in total control of your body and health every day to give your life a healthy rhythm. That means that you’ll keep eating healthy, without going on a restrictive diet, and have no problem fitting into your swimsuit when you use the tips in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide. It contains 150 tips, tricks and recipes, which you can access right in the application, making it easier for you to eat a diet that meets all of your needs without any frustration.

Level 3: more muscles for more wellness

Does your dress shirt feel right? Is your dress too big? That’s absolutely normal! Of course, a hero such as yourself will always have a hard time fitting into just anyone’s clothes. Your waist will be so slim, your muscles so prominent and your physique so attractive that you’ll want to change your entire wardrobe. How does this happen? A hero never reveals their secrets, but for you, the FizzUp trainer will definitely make an exception. Follow his advice using the leading fitness application in France in 2016 and do equipment-free workouts right at home to get the body you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll catch yourself by surprise every day and be more and more proud of yourself. Seem too easy? Maybe so, but if you get into healthy fitness eating habits over the long term, you’ll see the changes appear.

Want even more personalized guidance? Then you’ll love the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package! It gives you the ability to contact your FizzUp Expert by email. They’ll answer any questions you have, give you a boost of encouragement if you need some motivation to work out and will help perfect your technique after you send them a video of you doing the exercises included in your workout.

How to be your own hero

You can be your own hero by following the FizzUp trainer’s advice, which puts both physical activity and balance back into your life. Because if you want to start looking on the bright side of life, you should have a calm and relaxed mindset. FizzUp helps you get into the right lifestyle for you so that you can be free to work out when and where you want to. This means that instead of going to the gym, the gym comes to you. Instead of having to squeeze an hour or two to do your workout into your busy schedule, 20 minutes is all you need to get back in shape or maintain a muscular physique.

FizzUp PRO personalizes your fitness training by taking your athletic abilities, current physical fitness level and goal into account. It adapts your program to suit your needs so that you make progress and get results that last. You can burn excess fat using the Cal Burner Add-on and sculpt a specific area of your body using the Focus programs. These are highly effective mini-workouts that will get you faster results and complete your basic workout. You’ll already be able to see changes after just six weeks, like Mathilde, who has become a real “Fizzwoman”.


Alexandre has also become his own hero like a true “Fizzman” who’s always up for building muscle in his back using the Back Focus and improving his overall athletic performance using the Full-Body Focus.


If you want to get more personalized guidance, try the Premium Motivation Package. You can ask a FizzUp Expert as many questions as you like by email and book three chat sessions. You’re never alone in your fight. You can also find #TeamFizzUp on social media and your friends right in the application when you use FizzUp in-app instant messaging.

Batman and his friends will be green with envy when you become your own hero. You’re finally in total control of your own life, so use your new powers to not let any external problems run your life or define you! Take it from the FizzUp trainer: you are a champion!

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