How to Accept Your Body Imperfections

Living in the 21st century is tough for women. It’s a time that expects more and more from them, making it hard to feel great in their own skin when they think they’re not measuring up to society’s expectations. But don’t be fooled by the models you see in magazines. It’s time to practice more self-love for better personal growth. Here are the FizzUp trainer’s top tips to help you accept your body imperfections and live your best life.

Be kind to yourself

Too short, too tall, too big, too thin… there’s always something that’s too “this” and too “that.”

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There will always be someone to make you feel imperfect, but remember: the person who has the biggest influence and whose words matter the most is YOU.

Why? Because many of us are our own worst critic.

Just because you’re the better at scrutinizing yourself than anyone else doesn’t mean that you’re right and that you’re taking an objective look at who you are.

Quite the opposite! Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at yourself from another angle, or else you might miss all the beauty you radiate.

Your lover says, “Baby, you’re beautiful!” and you think to yourself, “I can’t believe he said that! How can he think I’m beautiful when I know I’m not perfect? Is he lying to me?!”

Then, because you want to be the perfect woman in his eyes (who’s never existed, by the way), you might stop eating, start feeling depressed and let your beauty fade! And what good does that do?


A beautiful woman is a woman who accepts herself as she is. She knows that she has her flaws but that she can work on them to make herself feel better in her own skin without them becoming an obsession. She doesn’t make herself miserable for something that doesn’t define her.

Need some examples? If she’s heavier set, she knows how to find clothes that highlight her curves to turn up her voluptuousness. If she’s thin, she can play with different kinds of materials and take advantage of the fact that she can wear almost anything. If she’s short, she can pull off sexy short skirts and if she’s tall, she can show off her long legs.

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At the end of the day, a beautiful woman is someone who shines and doesn’t put herself down. If you want to shine, listen to yourself and your body to help you learn to appreciate it more as it transforms. It’s best to give it a good dose of love to begin with for a healthy start toward progress.

“But will I ever feel beautiful with this tummy that keeps hanging over my jeans? Why does everything have to be so hard?!”

Having the body you think is “perfect” but looking miserable with the negative thoughts in your head just might be the worst thing that could happen!

You’re beautiful because you’re you, and only you. Get in touch with your inner self. You’re beautiful because you’re happy with the life that makes you feel balanced. You’re beautiful because you smile and because you’ve planted your roots in the life you’ve chosen.


Accept your body imperfects by telling yourself that they’re only a tiny part of all that you are and that they don’t at all define you. You’re so much more than that.

Start by practicing more self-love and love yourself truly. Saying it isn’t enough. You have to feel it in the depths of your soul.

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Self-love is a word, a meaning, a lifeline that we tend to overcomplicate.

  • Start by loving yourself for YOU, not for other people.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Respect yourself.
  • Reward yourself.
  • Praise yourself.
  • Encourage yourself.
  • Just take good care of yourself.

Think about the women you admire despite their body imperfections, such as:

  • Beyoncé, the Queen B, who has always had rounder thighs.
  • Madonna, with her extremely muscular arms.
  • Adele and her wider waist.
  • Princess Diana’s longer nose.
  • Marilyn Monroe and her generous curves.
  • Lorde and her acne-scarred skin.

In the end, it could be said that it’s so much easier for women to pick out their flaws than to love and accept themselves as they truly are.

But give it a try! It will lift so much weight from your shoulders. What weight, you ask? The weight of expectations, the weight of judgment. It’s so much more effective than a drastic diet and way more beneficial for your spirit and self-confidence. So celebrate your flaws, celebrate your uniqueness, celebrate yourself!

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