5 Telltale Signs You Need to Manage Stress

Have a pit in your stomach that won’t go away? Feel the urge to send everything packing? Does everyone get on your nerves? Feel exhausted all the time? Look no further. The reason is pretty simple: you’re too stressed. In this article, the FizzUp trainer tells you how to manage stress.Take action by getting in the know.

Sign #1: you eat anything and everything


Have you not had enough time to make your own meals lately? Or maybe you just never feel like cooking. As a result, you might devour anything that’s in your way anytime you’ve got the munchies: a package of snack cakes, crackers, pre-made meals… Stopping at a fast food restaurant after work might have turned into an everyday habit.

FizzUp’s tips to help you manage stress:

  • Your FizzUp trainer insists on the importance of a healthy diet, which can give you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help you have positive thinking. Nothing could be more depressing than a plate that puts a frown on your face.
  • Treat yourself from time to time with a square of dark chocolate, which is high in magnesium. Enjoyment helps you manage stress. A Swiss study of 30 adults confirmed that chocolate really works as a stress reliever. Eating 20g of dark chocolate midmorning and as a midday snack for two weeks significantly reduced their cortisol levels (the stress hormone).
  • Focus on foods whose benefits are known to help relieve anxiety, such as oily fish, which are high in omega-3s, chamomile herbal teas (a proven herbal remedy), almonds high in zinc, iron and essential fatty acids, which help you fight against brain fog or whole foods full of magnesium. If you’re gluten intolerant, try seaweed. It has similar nutritional benefits.

Sign #2: You’re always tense and anxious

Painful shoulders, a stiff neck, a bloated stomach and facial tension are all signs that your body is calling out for help, because it’s at the mercy of stress. Do you have a frustrating tendency to see only doom and gloom and feel that everything that happens to you is just another burden you have to bear? Stress prevents you from being relaxed and making decisions. As soon as you give yourself a small, yet well-deserved reward, you might feel really guilty about it.

FizzUp’s tips to help you manage stress: Rather than fear the worst, make yourself get into a healthy lifestyle that will help you balance out your mindset. Doing your FizzUp workout enables you to let off steam and let go of your discomfort.

Sign #3: You’re withdrawn

Has your mood taken a nosedive? Have you lost your drive or enthusiasm? Stress strikes again. Getting up in the morning becomes a real challenge. Besides your colleagues who you only run into, you don’t have much of a social life, so you don’t go out anymore. You might even avoid seeing your friends and family. You’re so unhappy that your libido has disappeared, when you used to be the one asking for it.

FizzUp’s tips to help you manage stress:

  • First, remember that you’re not perfect and that you can’t always be at the top of your game. You’ll eventually become more self-tolerant and demand less from yourself. For a start, make yourself go out and see your friends. It will clear your mind and give you some time to relax.
  • Also focus on your relationship with your partner. Everyday stress keeps you from enjoying your time together. Try breaking up your routine by going away on the weekends, seeing a movie or going out to dinner.


Sign #4: your body has negative reactions

When you’re stressed, your breathing gets faster and you start to experience symptoms tachycardia. An unbalanced diet along with repetitive sleepless nights literally change your skin. You can get dark circles under your eyes, red patches and pimples. In other words, your face becomes an open book and people can see your stress written all over it. Your immune system gets weak and you’re more likely to catch an illness from any germs floating around in the air. A study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that stressed people are twice as likely to catch a cold after being exposed to a virus.

FizzUp’s tips to help you manage stress: Now you finally have a good excuse to take a bath to relax your body and mind. This warm cocoon has an effect on your muscles and helps you release any accumulated tension. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water, such as lavender, basil, juniper or ginger.

Sign #5: You’re making your insomnia worse

Has falling asleep become a serious challenge, but your bed seems to be the only place where you can unwind? Do your thoughts run wild? Stress tires you out and prevents you from getting restful sleep.

FizzUp’s tips to help you manage stress:

  • Get into good habits before bedtime, because they can help calm you down. Turn off all your electronic devices and read a book instead. Relax by listening to calm, soothing music before closing your eyes.
  • To help you fall asleep, try mindfulness meditation. It will soothe your mind and so that you can get to sleep easily.

If all these signs seem familiar, then you’re a victim of stress. These reliable tips from the FizzUp trainer will help you manage it. Stop putting your wellness on the back burner. What about you? What do you do to manage stress?

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