Vincent: Build Self-Confidence at 56 with FizzUp

With FizzUp, you can rediscover the power of your own body to boost your athletic skills and build self-confidence. That’s what Vincent did with his personalized workout program. Now he feels fantastic, both in his body and mind. At 56, he’s in the best shape of his life.


I’m Vincent and I’m 56. I’m 5’ 7” (1.71 m) and now I weigh 141 lb (64 kg). I’ve been working in pharmaceuticals for the last 17 years, but I used to work at hotels in Paris and Amsterdam.

After I went through a rough patch for a few years (alcoholism, depression and sleep problems), I got back on my feet again and took better care of myself with the help of a few specialists. One of the first things I did was start golfing, something I’d been wanting to do for a while. When I was younger, I skied and did judo and gymnastics, but then I stopped everything besides a few hikes here and there once I started working nights in the hospitality industry.

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In 2016, I wanted to take the next step and lose some weight. Six months after I changed my eating habits, I lost 22 lb (10 kg), but I forgot about one important detail: exercise! I got down to a healthy weight but had lost a lot of muscle. If I wanted to get any better at golf, I really had to do something about that and start some strength training. I had actually discovered FizzUp by accident when I read an article about them at the beginning of the year. I loved the idea right away: equipment-free fitness training I could do at home. That’s exactly what I needed. So I immediately downloaded the app and started my journey with FizzUp!


My goal was to finally become a real athlete, because I’ve always wanted a muscular and sculpted build. It wasn’t long before I was hooked on the program. The exercises were right for me, and the Focus programs and fitness evaluations on every level have helped me make fast progress so that I stay motivated. FizzUp’s biggest strength is its fitness guidance. You’ll never want to throw in the towel! I needed a trainer to push me to keep going. They’ve thought of everything to keep you working out at a regular pace from day 1.

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I could feel the benefits after just a few workouts. My posture, fitness level and mood significantly improved. The muscle pain I felt at the beginning was the best sign that the exercises I was doing were actually working. Because I picked the “Build Muscle” goal, I knew right away that I had my work cut out for me. I have to admit that sometimes I start to doubt myself and get discouraged. But luckily, the FizzUp staff is always there to give me a boost when I need one.

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Besides my workouts, FizzUp even offers access to an entire community. I work out at home, but I can share my experience with other users.

I have a pretty good idea about nutrition because I studied hospitality and worked as a chef for 22 years! But I have to say that the FizzUp nutrition tips on how to eat healthy when you’re physically active helped me find my bearings and eat a diet that’s right for me, not to mention that their guide includes all those great recipe ideas.


With FizzUp, I realized what my body is capable of. I thought that in a few months my body would transform and look like a model in an ad with a perfect physique. I wanted to start out strong, so I chose the “Become an Athlete” goal once I was on the third level. But after I gave it a quick try, it didn’t take me long to realize that without much physical activity at 56, I just couldn’t do it. Hindu push-ups are what did it. For me, this exercise was way too hard and impossible to do. The FizzUp trainer said I should change my goal so that I could still make progress without injuring myself. I set the bar too high because I wanted to look like a photoshopped photo in a magazine.

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To bring my goal to life, I challenged myself to have a photo shoot with a professional photographer. I wanted to get back my self-confidence and immortalize my results. I admit, it was a hard, yet rewarding experience. Even today, I still work out. I’m just starting level 10 with the “Build Muscle with Equipment” goal because it’s new and I wanted to give it a try. After six months of working out with FizzUp, I’ve got to say that I was really impressed. It was obvious that I had built muscle strength, but above all, I really boosted my self-confidence. Now I feel great in my body and mind. And it shows wherever I go: at work, in my social and family life and on the golf course.

Like Alexandre and Magali, Vincent used FizzUp fitness training to build self-confidence and achieve personal fulfillment. FizzUp is here to guide you on your journey to fitness from day 1.

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