Helen: Use FizzUp for Everyday Fitness

Let the FizzUp trainer introduce you to Helen, a fitness fan and an advanced FizzUp user. From the basic workout to FizzUp PRO that includes the Focus programs* and the recipes from FizzUp Nutrition*, she’s tried all there is to offer with FizzUp fitness training. Using FizzUp for everyday fitness has kept her fit, making both her waistline and her taste buds happy.

How I discovered FizzUp

I’m naturally athletic, so I’ve always needed to be physically active in some way. I did gymnastics for 14 years, then when I finished school and started working, I looked for other activities I’d enjoy to keep me fit. I now work out with FizzUp every other day. I also try to run twice a week and play tennis for an hour a week.

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A friend told me about FizzUp. As the months went by, I saw the good things regular exercise was doing for his body, so I started doing the workouts with him. I liked the way it worked and felt like the programs had everything I needed. Because I was looking for a physical activity that would help me maintain my physique, cost less than a gym membership and most importantly, work with my schedule, I decided to go one step further and subscribe to FizzUp PRO.

Working out with FizzUp for everyday fitness

I work out with the FizzUp trainer so that I can stay fit, keep my health in check and lose weight. Getting into a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle is a must for my sleep quality and eating habits.

Between workouts, I sometimes do a Focus program* or two. I’ve gotten into the habit of working my abs after I go out for a run. Now, I turn on my tablet and that’s all there is to it. I just follow the trainer when I do the Flat Stomach Focus.

What I really love about FizzUp PRO fitness training is that I can do it wherever I want without it being a hassle. It keeps me working out regularly because it’s based on my current physical fitness level. Exercising with others is really important to me, too. I like working out alone, but sometimes I want to change it up and do it with someone else to break up my routine. My partner also works out with FizzUp and we try to do our workouts at the same time whenever we can. Working out as a couple boosts our motivation to get physically active.

The benefits of FizzUp

With FizzUp, my entire body feels in great shape. When I play sports, I feel more powerful and really fit. My arms, legs and abs all look more toned!

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I’ve even noticed that I’m running faster and don’t have to take as many breaks. Before, when I would take a short break and started running again, it was really hard. But now, it’s easier to start running again after I stop. I was surprised at how easy it is to go up hills now. I used to hate them. Now I say, “Bring it on!” Working out every other day, sleeping eight hours a night and eating a balanced diet are the three musts if you want to get the most out of FizzUp.

Join Helen on FizzUp

I know that working out is terrific not only for my body, but also my mental health. If you ask me, exercise nurtures the mind. I tend to feel guilty when I eat a slice of cake loaded with calories, so doing a physical activity helps me not to worry about it so much. I know that I can enjoy it from time to time. In terms of my schedule, I usually do FizzUp at the end of my workday because it helps me unwind. I’ve also tried doing my workout in the morning to give myself more energy to tackle my day.

To come back to the topic of sleeping, sometimes I’m mentally exhausted and don’t sleep well. If I do my workout, I’m physically exhausted and that helps me sleep so much better. It makes me forget all about my everyday worries by clearing my mind.

What about food?

When I have time, I cook up FizzUp recipes from FizzUp Nutrition* that I get right in the app. It’s loaded with recipes and tips on how to make healthy changes to my eating habits.

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They’ve introduced me to new and healthy ingredients that I haven’t used before, like oats. I never go without taking a photo of my food and posting them on Instagram with the hashtag #FizzUpRecipe! That’s the FizzUp spirit: sharing with others in a positive way.

Other FizzUp advantages

I think anyone can do FizzUp, whether they’re an athlete or a beginner, given that the program is completely personalized to suit you. It’s an excellent tool to go along with any physical activity you do. You could even think of it as a sport all on its own.

With FizzUp, I was worried that I wouldn’t have the same social contact that I had in a gym or while playing a sport. But I found a way to get that through social media. With my friends who are also starting to sign up, we’ll be able to plan FizzUp group workouts and then chow down on a meal made entirely of FizzUp recipes!

Helen’s testimonial is a great source of inspiration for the entire FizzUp community. Sign up now to reach your goal and take better care of your health. Dominique, Brice and Cassandra also give you their impression of FizzUp and their tips for sticking to your workout program. What about you? What results have you seen by using FizzUp for everyday fitness?

*FizzUp PRO feature

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