Raphaël: Get Back the Body of Your 20s with FizzUp

There’s no doubt about it: FizzUp definitely has its advantages if you want to excel at all kinds of sports. It’s a fitness tool you shouldn’t go without, whether you want to build strength, endurance, explosiveness or flexibility. Raphaël will tell you how to get back the body of your 20s and a balanced physique with the help of the trainer, just like Anthony and Pascaline.

Get back the body of your 20s by reconnecting with exercise


My name is Raphaël and I’m 40 years old. I’m just over six feet tall, weigh 187 lb (85 kg) and am married with two kids. After going ten years without any physical activity, I got back into exercise 11 years ago when I quit smoking. First, I started with running. Some time later, I started mountain biking in addition to running. Some of my colleagues from the office asked me to join their adventure racing team and that’s when I really got the ball rolling. I became addicted to adventure racing and sports in general. But I’m not a member of a sports federation. I work out to have fun and most importantly, challenge myself. But sometimes I also compete with my friends or for charities. I have to thank my wife for being so supportive!

FizzUp is a handy tool that makes it easier to take on my adventure races. For those who do not know what adventure racing is, it’s an outdoor competition with teams of two to four people that do several recreational activities such as canoeing, running, mountain biking and sometimes other sports that are more fun, like archery, rock climbing and blowgunning. An adventure race tests your endurance and can last several hours, even days. To be a good adventure racer, you also have to know how to find your way using a compass and a map both during at the day and at night. And yeah, there are even nighttime adventure racing competitions where you trudge through it with a headlamp. I love it!

To participate in all these sports competitions, I needed to complete my workouts with strength training. Canoeing requires arm strength, but I also wanted to build muscle in my upper body so that I could balance out my physique and get in better shape. I’m don’t like gyms because with my family life, work schedule and fitness training, it wouldn’t be long before I’d have to stop going. So I looked for an at-home fitness training solution that doesn’t require any equipment. After a few clicks online, first I tried Fysiki (FizzUp’s predecessor) for a year and a half. Some of the workouts were similar to FizzUp’s, but with less variety and no goals or motivational messages from the trainer. As a result, I didn’t work out as regularly, and the workouts were pretty disjointed. One day I saw an ad for FizzUp. I installed the app on my smartphone. After a few workouts, I was sold.

Drive and perseverance will get you results

raphael_témoignageWhat I like about this app is that the numbers of reps I do in a set are right for my physical fitness level. It’s never too hard for me even though they sometimes make me break a sweat. With the second evaluation at the end of the level, I can feel how much progress I’ve made and challenge myself to try to do better than I did at the beginning of the level. I also like how the app keeps me motivated so that I work out on a regular basis using the Rhythm. On days when I don’t have my FizzUp workout, I train for my other sports. With this workout schedule, I can have one day a week to rest. After a while, my workout routine became automatic. I look at my Rhythm score and try to make it go up as high as possible.

When I reached level 8, I came across the “Become an Athlete” goal. It sparked my interest, so I tried it out and was immediately a fan. The workouts are more intense and I have to push my limits every time I work out. I was blinded by the changes I saw in my body. After one month of working out with FizzUp, I started to see results. My muscles were more defined. Just to clarify: I started from level 1 with the PRO version because I needed to do abs and cardio exercises on a regular basis. The Add-ons* are great for this.

I have more power when I run, with more speed and energy in my strides as I keep my heart rate up. I also notice improvements when I ride my bike: I have no problem going uphill. FizzUp is a great fitness tool to use in addition to other sports, but it doesn’t replace them.

I’m in an overall better mood and try to have a positive attitude. It’s not easy to do that every day, especially with the stress at work. I’ve also used the tips in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide to radically change my relationship with food, without saying no to getting a drink with my friends (in moderation). After three months of working out with FizzUp, I lost 11 lb and got back the body of my 20s. I feel so much better in my own body and like wearing tight-fitted clothing. It would be a shame to not stick with it when I see how much I’ve already accomplished. I don’t want to get back the spare tire I had around my stomach.


A positive attitude and my physical progression are contagious. My wife started using FizzUp and so have my friends and colleagues. I have to admit that they’re tired of listening to me talk about it. I also post photos of my adventures outside or in the kitchen on Instagram: @raphaelbay_goal_fit, but I’m not a professional photographer. I have to pinch myself to smile for a selfie, just so you know.

To sum up, I recommend FizzUp to anyone who wants to take back control of their body at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. The workouts are equipment-free. You’ll just have to invest in an exercise mat for the abs and stretching exercises. Even people with hectic schedules have 15 to 20 minutes every two days to do a short FizzUp workout.

Raphaël is leading by example. You too can get back the body of your 20s to feel more confident and boost your performance while doing other sports. Join him on the most downloaded fitness app in France in 2016 to enjoy the same results!

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