Pascaline: Use FizzUp to Reinvent Yourself At 40

Think that once you turn 40, your best years are behind you, especially in terms of physical fitness? Think again. Pascaline is living proof that with a personalized fitness training program like FizzUp’s, you CAN reinvent yourself at 40.

Reinvent yourself at 40: the moment of realization  reinvent_yourself_at_40_01

My name is Pascaline and I’m 42, married and the mom of three. When I had my last kid (after my parental leave in 2009), I decided to become a preschool assistant, and that’s where things started to get complicated… Living a sedentary lifestyle, staying at home where I was always close to temptation and the snacks I would usually have with the kids slowly, but surely made me gain weight. But I did get exercise at the gym twice a week (taiso and jujitsu), but that wasn’t enough to keep my physique in shape.

Then in January 2015, I lost my mother-in-law, and I was really affected by her death. This added to the fact that I was having a hard time accepting that I was turning 40. The sad atmosphere with the attacks in Paris really got me down. I was on the brink of depression. I gained even more weight during the year. Overall, I was 22 lb overweight according to the scale.

Strangely, I did something about it when I was feeling my worst. I couldn’t keep on living like that! Seeing myself in a photo taken Christmas 2016 was a real shock. I told myself that if I wanted things to change, it would only come from me. I had to get moving.

Reinvent yourself at 40: determination put to the test


I started to balance out my diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. Then the first thing I did was use the elliptical three times a week besides going to the gym. But I wanted to change for good! I wanted to build strength and explosiveness, especially for doing jujitsu, which I need a lot of energy in order to do.

I started looking for at-home bodyweight muscle-building programs. I had already tried a program other than FizzUp a while ago, but I quickly gave up because it was too hard for me. I had already heard of FizzUp. I did some research, read some testimonials and it seemed like a reliable app, so I decided to give it a try. I started by following the free version of the program. That was January 2016.

I fell in love with it right away. I chose the “Sculpt My Body” program. I really liked it, so I bought a 1-month subscription and by the end of it, I was totally sold. Then I signed up for a year! What I really liked in particular was how it evolves with me: thanks to the evaluations at the beginning of every level, I get exercises and sets that are perfect for my fitness level. I quickly got results and I have to admit that I was pretty surprised to see that my muscles were gradually getting more toned as the weeks went by.

Obviously, you shouldn’t expect any miracles if you don’t work out on a regular basis. It’s easy to make excuses to not work out, but you can always find 15 minutes in your day to exercise! Perseverance always pays off in the end. I hardly ever miss a single workout: the only times I had to skip them (and I have to admit that I felt really bad about it) was when I was on vacation for a week in April and again in July, because I didn’t have any wifi. Yeah, I do like to spend my vacation in peace…

Reinvent yourself at 40:  incredible results


I always activate the Six-Pack Add-on* and the Cal Burner Add-on* pretty often. I usually do the Stretching Add-on*, but not always, because I do other sports and usually prefer doing stretching moves at the end of the day. And if I really don’t have a lot of time, or if I’m not feeling up to it, I deactivate the Add-ons* so that my workout is shorter, but I don’t do that very often.

I often do the Focus programs*, especially the Full-Body Focus* that I activate before my workout. Yeah, you can call me crazy, but I love doing burpees! Not to mention the Flat Stomach Focus* that I activate on the days when I do other physical activities like running. Thanks to the FizzUp workouts and the Nutrition Guide, I saw the pounds melt away as the months went on. I lost those 22 lb! My body has never been this sculpted and I wish I hadn’t waited until I was 42 to start a bodyweight fitness training program!

Since July, I also run three times a week. Because I now have a muscular and toned body, starting this new activity was so easy for me. Working out so much as given me a stronger mindset, and I also feel it in my everyday life. I wouldn’t give up my FizzUp workouts for anything in the world! Now I feel so good in my body and mind. I feel like a whole new person. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far. A year ago, I could barely do five push-ups; now I can easily do 20 in a row! And because I’m still super motivated, I changed my goal a few weeks ago. Now I’m doing the FizzUp “Become an Athlete” program. The workouts are longer and more intense. I love it!

I am living proof that even at 42, you can get back into working out. The FizzUp program is a great solution for that because it really adapts to suit anyone’s fitness level. My subscription is going to run out soon, but I think I’ll sign up for another year!

Stop saying that you’re too old to workout. No one’s too old to take better care of their health and body, and Pascaline is a perfect example. Join Team FizzUp today!

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