Olivier: A Busy Dad Used FizzUp to Get His Body Back

Family life is definitely a blessing, yet sometimes it can have a few minor setbacks: a lack of physical activity and a lack of “me time.” You can rely on FizzUp to help you boost your wellness and get your body back. Olivier had never watched what he ate or how active he was. He was moving less and less the older he got, so he started seeing his body change for the worse. As a result, he decided to take action and push his limits thanks to the FizzUp trainer, much like Magali. This is his story.


I’m Olivier, and I’m a 37-year-old father to three kids. I’m a social worker that coordinates measures that offer assistance to young people and their families. I’ve been playing tennis since I was eight, not only because I enjoy this sport, but also because I compete at a high level. A few years ago, I also gave lessons to the younger kids at my club. I couldn’t envision my life without sports and exercise, especially tennis, and during the couple of years when I wasn’t working out regularly because of my busy family life, it wasn’t long before I felt like something was missing, and that I was getting out of shape.

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About ten years ago, my body was pretty lean, weighing a little over 110 lb (50 kg), and I’m 5’5” (1.70 m). I never had to watch what I ate because I never gained weight, even though I ate a lot of junk food (especially sweets). I didn’t care about the harmful consequences of my eating habits at all, like a higher risk of diabetes. With age and a sedentary job (I work in an office, in front of a computer for almost seven hours a day), I started to gain weight, mostly around my stomach. I had really poor posture when I sat, which caused pain in my bones and muscles, and sometimes in my back. Although I was playing tennis on a regular basis, I couldn’t lose the bit of a belly that was starting to annoy me, both in terms of aesthetics (I like to wear tight-fitting clothing) and my health.

Besides that, I’ve been wanting to sculpt my body a bit by gaining muscle mass, but apart from a few short stints at the gym, I wasn’t able to get into a workout program that would help me reach my goals. Actually, at the gym, I couldn’t get the advice I needed in terms of exercises and nutrition, and standing alone in front of the machines and being scared of injuring myself when I did the exercises, I didn’t have the motivation that would push me to keep going over the long term.

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This is everything that made me want to try the FizzUp method. Since I was tired of not getting the body I wanted, I tried other fitness and strength training apps. And after I did a bit of research that was more or less successful, I stumbled upon an app that was really well designed: FizzUp.


FizzUp is really an excellent solution because this app is effective and easy to use. And above all, the program is created in advance depending on my own goal (“Build Muscle”), my starting physical fitness level using the evaluation that I did at the beginning of the level and the progress I make, which was easy for me to watch thanks to the evaluation I always do at the end of every level. The app also uses animated images to explain and illustrate the exercises. The integrated timer is really convenient, too. It really is a “turnkey” fitness training program that got me hooked, so I decided to subscribe to FizzUp PRO for two years so that I can focus on the long term and try to stay motivated and persistent this time.

I started getting really great results when I lost some abdominal fat and I gained muscle. I felt more in shape. The FizzUp Nutrition Guide helped me a lot with that, because I started to watch my diet a little more, especially by reading nutrition labels… something I had never done before.

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From February to April of this year, I made even more progress and my motivation was and still is at an all-time high. My belly is flat again. I plan on sticking with my workout routine because I want to get abs that are even more visible and gain more muscle mass. In three months, I went from 138 lb (63 kg) to 143 lb (65 kg). I can see that that I’ve gained muscle and lost fat in my “before” and “after” photos. FizzUp has made it great getting my body back. My arms (especially my triceps, because I had already built my biceps a bit) are more muscular. My back is broader, especially my lats and my traps, to a lesser extent. I also saw changes in my legs: my calves, hamstrings, as well as my tibialis anterior muscles (which are the front of the calves… I just looked on an anatomy chart!) are more developed. Not to mention my pecs, which have gained mass and lost their layer of fat. They’ve more prominent now!

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I’ve got to admit that sometimes I get discouraged or lack the energy or motivation to do my FizzUp workout. Especially because I usually do it late at night since I don’t have much time during the day. But it’s not long before I miss it, and all it takes is making the effort to put on my sportswear and starting the workout for me to get back my energy and remember how much fun working out is. Even though the workouts are sometimes really intense, the FizzUp exercises do a lot for my wellness, with the Stretching Add-on at the end of the workout and the pride I feel after I’ve gone beyond my limits.

By working out regularly for three months, which has been made easier by the FizzUp program’s innovative approach, I’ve been able to get my body back and improve my health. And even though I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me to get my dream body, I’ve built more self-confidence because I’ve proven to myself that I CAN reach the goals I’ve set for myself. So I’m very satisfied with my experience with FizzUp. This is an adventure that’s nowhere near over and I’m going to try to convince my better half to get started, because even though she already has a beautiful body, working out as a couple is even more fun and motivating!

Like Philippe, Alice and Raphaël, Olivier got back a healthy lifestyle thanks to FizzUp. Don’t seek motivation from others. The best way to reach your goals is to have the drive, energy and determination to work out regularly.

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