Mathilde: Use FizzUp to Get Back in Shape After Giving Birth

Getting back in shape after giving birth means choosing a fitness method that’s right for you as an individual. Instead of putting yourself in pain of trying to get results by radically changing your lifestyle, be kind to yourself and give yourself time. After having her second child by c-section, Mathilde starting using FizzUp, the only online fitness training service recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In just six weeks, she shrank the size of her waist and thighs like you wouldn’t believe. Why? Because the most downloaded fitness app in France personalizes your workout and brings you nutritional guidance at a lower cost. Reach your goal as you go at your own pace.

Things a mom thinks about #1: will i ever be able to exercise again?

get back in shape after giving birth 01My name is Mathilde and I’m 31 years old. To give you a little more information about me, I’m a mom of two boys, ages 1 and 7. I don’t like exercise, but I do like to move! I don’t do it on a regular basis, but it really gets me motivated when I’m passionate about why I do it. Sports? Been there, done that! I used to play badminton, basketball and work out… even in a gym! I tried running, then swimming, going to the pool two or three times a week. Why did I stop? With two kids and a company to run, I really don’t have much time. I don’t like exercise, but after two pregnancies, I didn’t have a choice: I wanted to get back in shape after giving birth and get my body back, a goal that’s difficult, or even impossible, to reach. Then I discovered FizzUp. I needed to find a program to get back in shape that took my needs and busy schedule into account to help me get my toned body back! FizzUp seemed to do all of those things.

I heard of FizzUp on Facebook. At first, I was intrigued by the name: it’s actually close to Cherry Fizz, the name of my company, so I was curious! Then, I noticed that it was a French company, and because I’m from Strasbourg, I appreciated the fact that it was local. I installed the free version, but I got bored pretty fast. After talking to my friend who has the PRO version, I was quickly enticed by what the program included!

things a mom thinks about #2: getting back the body i had before my pregnancy will be impossible to do!

My goal is to get back a more muscular body after having had my second child. I had him by c-section and the operation damages the stomach muscles. It leaves a scar by default, which gave me an extra bulge around my stomach that I could really do without! And then I was breastfeeding for seven months, which made me store fat and cellulite in both my thighs and buttocks, but I didn’t have this while breastfeeding my first baby or during either pregnancy.

A short side story for other moms: for baby #1, I gained 33 lb (15 kg) and it took me four years to lose it all (11 lb (5 kg) were left after I gave birth) and for baby #2, I gained only 17.5 lb (8 kg) (I only had 6.5 lb (3 kg) to lose after the c-section.) You can do it if you put your mind to it! But I won’t say that it’s easy.

get back in shape after giving birth 02Since I started using FizzUp, I’ve really seen my body change. Taking into account the 30 minutes of working out every other day and my diet that I’ve tried to change (but I’m still a foodie!), I’m very satisfied with my results.

With my first goal, I really wanted to burn fat and firm up my body, not get a six-pack or a really ripped physique. I couldn’t even imagine giving up my love and enjoyment of food. I’m trying to lose weight and cellulite, but most importantly, I’d like to be more comfortable in my own body! I put my scale away and I took out my pre-pregnancy clothes because they make it easier to see the progress I’m making.

I’m gradually reaching my goal and I’m really happy about that. My thighs are more muscular and firm. My abs and stomach are gradually going back to the way they were! It’s really not that hard with just 30 minutes every other day! I owed it to myself to find the time. I’ve already recommended FizzUp to my friends. But in the beginning, you have to have the drive and set an exact goal for yourself, otherwise you’ll get off track. Then, you just have to let the program and the voice of the FizzUp trainer be your guide.

things a mom thinks about #3: there’s no workout program that takes my needs and constraints into consideration…

The positive side about the FizzUp program is actually in how it takes care of carefully designing the workouts. This short and intense method (30 minutes is great because it’s short!) is ideal for a woman like me with a busy schedule. Then the Focus programs with FizzUp PRO let me up the difficulty a little bit. When I feel like I didn’t work hard enough, I do them after my workout. What’s funny about FizzUp is that I get annoyed when the trainer sends me notifications to remind me to work out! Every once in a while, my son does a few exercises with me. He thinks it’s fun!

get back in shape after giving birth 03

The other positive thing about FizzUp is that I’m completely free to work out whenever I want. I can work out at any time of the day that works best for me. There’s no time schedule I need to follow.

I’d like to do my workout in the morning, but with the kids, I just can’t. That’s why I do it in the evening when I’m alone, around 9 p.m., after I put the kids to bed and before I eat dinner (yeah, we eat late!). Soon I’m going to try working out in the morning, even if that means getting up earlier so that I have more time to myself. I stay motivated because the application reminds me when I need to work out. I feel bad if I lose my Rhythm score.

I don’t like exercise, so let’s just say that working out regularly was the key to my success! I still haven’t found the trick to becoming an addict, but I never miss my FizzUp workout and try to keep up my Rhythm score. I’m making all these efforts so that I can get back my pre-baby body and eat what I want without gaining too much weight. I tried some of the recipes from the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, which helped me discover foods that I had never dared to use before. I really love this guide, but it’s still hard for me to resist meats and cheeses! (I’m from the French region of Franche-Comté.)

Every now and then, I share my results and workouts on Instagram (@chamallowaddict) or Facebook. My friends help me out by keeping me motivated. We congratulate each other, which is nice because I never feel alone. #TeamFizzUp is a tight-knit community and is another one of the program’s biggest advantages.
Mathilde has taken charge by getting back in shape after giving birth, so why couldn’t you? FizzUp will help you get back your motivation to take up a physical activity that’s good for your health. There’s nothing you have to do… just leave everything to the trainer. Your workout schedule and weight-loss recipes are waiting for you right in your application. Ready to follow in Mathilde’s footsteps?

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