Marine: Live a Healthy Life with FizzUp

Just like Julie, Marine is one of the FizzUp Ambassadors with thousands of followers who love their fitness tips and daily words of motivation. In this article, she’ll tell you her story and why she decided to live a healthy life. She relies on her FizzUp trainer to get her there!

Live a healthy life with FizzUp as your actual fitness trainer

Hey there, Team FizzUp! Here’s a little bit about me: my name is Marine and I’m studying to become a court reporter while working full-time on the side. You can find me on Instagram under the name @jveuxuneviehealthy and on the FizzUp app under the same name. I love social media… perhaps a bit too much! I have a thousand ideas in mind and a thousand things to do, but every once in a while, I also like to take time to refocus and calm my mind, especially with yoga and photography.

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“Jveuxuneviehealthy” (“I want a healthy life” in French) isn’t just a username, it’s my personal ambition. I got back into exercise with this in mind, after several years of avoiding working out. I was pretty active when I was younger: I took dance lessons, took horseback riding, did step aerobics and went roller skating, so sports were never a chore for me. Quitting physical activity ended up weighing on my conscience, so almost four years ago, I took matters into my own hands. Slowly but surely, with the help of videos from a fitness trainer, I started to regain confidence in my athletic abilities. Pretty quickly, my body started to evolve and so did my needs. I tried the BBG method and then another program for three months that was more focused on strength training. I liked them both, but once I got to the end, I didn’t really want to start them over from the beginning.

So of course, I started to try some fitness apps, but that wasn’t enough for me. Something was missing. I looked for something as a supplement until I came across FizzUp on the App Store. The way it works was perfect for my needs at the time, with a workout program that’s personalized using a starting fitness evaluation, lets me choose my goal, uses short but comprehensive and effective workouts and includes the Focus programs and Add-ons to make it more challenging or target one or more areas of my body for a few weeks. It has everything. I finally found the guide I needed. Soon I can say that I’ve been using it for over a year. Except that now, FizzUp isn’t just a supplement to my fitness routine anymore. It’s my actual trainer!

Why I love FizzUp

Why am I such a fan of FizzUp? Because I never get bored with my workouts. I don’t feel like I’m going around in circles, although the exercises are the same throughout a single level (each level includes six to nine workouts). But every sequence of exercises is unique and I can tell that the number of reps I do increases as I go through the level. This is how I make progress without overdoing it. You can tell how much progress you’ve made when you do the evaluation at the end of the level, because you’re able to do a lot more reps than during the first one. And that’s what really boosts my motivation. Now, my personal goal is to have improved at least 50% at the end of every level. Challenging yourself and going beyond your limits without getting injured or discouraged are values that FizzUp aims to help you achieve. There’s nothing like it to make exercise something you enjoy and keep it that way.

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Another reason why I don’t get tired of it is because I can change the duration of my workouts depending on how much time I have. They last 15 to 45 minutes; sometimes more if I do an Add-on or a Focus program. And then, besides the exercises that make up the main part of the workout, the warm-up, abdominal, cardio and stretching blocks include a wide variety of exercises. With a program like this, there is plenty to love and make you sweat. But if you need a shorter, easier workout with just a bit of strength training, you can do that too. I injured myself recently when I sprained my thumb, but I was still able to tweak my workouts. I knew that there was no way I could keep up with the “Become an Athlete” goal, so I switched to the “Get In Shape” goal.

All this to say that anyone can find their niche. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or experienced athlete, I’m sure you’ll find the goal that’s best for you with a program that will help you make progress. Because yes, FizzUp does give you a personalized workout program that’s right for you, and only you. Your program is adapted to suit you, your physical ability, schedule, the areas you want to work and is great if you love jumping around or want to get a flat stomach (try the Full-Body Focus).

Live a healthy life by watching what you eat

As everyone knows, staying healthy doesn’t just depend on working out. What you eat is also really important. I am a pesco-vegetarian. I don’t like to cook complicated meals. I like it better when they’re easy and fast, but they have to be good with a lot of flavor. FizzUp helps me out, even in my diet. I’ve already tried a few recipes from the FizzUp Nutrition Guide and I was impressed, even though I’m a picky eater!

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I really loved the veggie burger, especially. The quinoa veggie cakes are excellent, too and really easy to make. Besides the recipes, I get emails about nutrition that help me better understand it or learn more about topics that I’m already familiar with or have interested me for a while. It’s not just common sense… it’s more than that. For instance, the way the topics are explained goes beyond what you usually hear in the media.

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FizzUp, its workouts and how it views nutrition and wellness all reassure me that I’m living a healthy life. It’s about finding the right balance. And I know that it can be hard, but when you’ve got the right guidance, it makes it a lot easier. I’m an Ambassador of #TeamFizzUp (and really proud of it!). We’re always there to give others advice and encourage one another. How does that sound? As for me, I’m here to motivate you!

Join Marine on FizzUp now! She’ll be happy to get you motivated and share her fitness secrets with you.

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