Marine: An Incredible Body Transformation with FizzUp

Sometimes your motivation is low, sometimes you just haven’t found it yet… this testimonial will help you get the motivation and energy you need to take up any challenge. Marine’s body transformation and her tips are sure to help you do everything possible in order to feel good in your own body, get fit or find the strength to reach those goals.

Making a fresh start

body_transformation_marine1During my studies, I lived for two years in Poitiers and that’s where I first had the desire to take up working out. I had a normal course load but I hardly knew anyone, so that’s when I started looking for an activity to do in the evenings. A friend told me about total body conditioning and the results I could get from it. I wanted to give it a try. I bought new sports clothing, equipment and most importantly, I signed up for Instagram. I started following a ton of gorgeous and highly motivated fit girls, who were all posting about their fitness achievements. They showed the progress they made over time. I think that’s what sparked my interest! I said to myself, If they can do it, why can’t I? I wanted to make a fresh start. For seven weeks, I did total body conditioning three times a week at 5:30 pm for 30 minutes! By the end of the fourth week, I was starting to see results: I shrank my love handles, stomach and thighs… BUT I quickly found the exercises in the TBC program to be over the top and boring. I got tired of calculating how long I should do an exercise and always having to buy equipment made it less fun. Let’s not forget that I always had to come up with my own warm-up routine, something that I ended up skipping so that I could go straight to the strength training exercises. With my health problems as a bonus, I stopped everything in January. I didn’t like the program anymore… too much hassle, too repetitive and it wasn’t right for me. The exercises didn’t evolve and I didn’t feel like I was making progress anymore. So I didn’t exercise for an entire month and my morale got lower and lower. I was disappointed in myself for letting all that effort go to waste.

Fortunately, one day as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw that one of my favorite fit girls (@eatcleanfit2a) had happened to discover a new fitness application called FizzUp! Curious by nature, I wanted to find out a bit more, even though she had already praised it for how great it was. So I downloaded the application and did my very first workout on March 12, 2016. Ever since then, I work out every other day with my FizzUp trainer, and I really enjoy it.

Getting started with FizzUp

I immediately got hooked on the application. In the beginning, I chose the goal to lose weight because I wanted to slim down a bit by losing a few pounds. The fact that it’s fun and easy to use is one of reasons why I keep using this program. It doesn’t give me a headache; I leave everything to the trainer. I can stop counting my repetitions and saying, Oh my God! 35 squats??!!! before starting. With FizzUp, the timer starts all by itself. Julien (editor’s note: the FizzUp trainer) counts down for you.

I work better with FizzUp because I feel like it doesn’t give me a hard time. I really like doing my workout in the morning before having breakfast. Exercising in the morning gives me motivation for the rest of the day. It also puts me in a good mood. What’s more, I love how I feel after exercise and in the shower; it’s so nice to feel clean, strong and proud of the effort I put in. I also make sure that my workout is part of my routine. The result? Doing my workout in the morning has become an everyday routine that I love.


Support from the FizzUp community

One advantage of FizzUp is its social aspect: I’ve never felt alone. The trainer as well as the other users are truly a source of support, which has become vital for me as it keeps me from getting discouraged! And when I started, knowing that I was surrounded by other people really helped me keep going and get motivated. For example, I know that if I don’t do my workout when I’m supposed to, Julien the trainer will send me a reminder, then another and another! Sharing, encouraging, getting advice and congratulating others… all this is so important if you want to continue making progress and reach your goal and maintain it over the long term. None of my friends or family members are crazy about fitness, so with Team FizzUp, I can find people I can share my passion with and also get encouragement from, either using the FizzUp application or on social media using the hashtag #TeamFizzUp. What’s more, the motivated FizzUp Staff are always behind us and there to answer any questions we may have. I immediately felt that I was working with passionate people who are helping out their community.

To stay motivated, I try to interact with my FizzUp friends and the community on social media as much as I can. I’ve already converted five of my friends. We boost each other and I check out their Rhythm score. I’ve already worked out with my best friend: either we each do our own workout (and try to synchronize Julien’s voice on both our smartphones… not an easy thing to do!), or we both do my workout then we continue with hers. This help us break up our routine and spend time together doing something that’s good for us.

FizzUp makes me feel good in my own skin


What does FizzUp do for me on an everyday basis? Most importantly, it improves my wellness! I feel good in my own skin and in my tennis shoes. Because I’m stronger, slimmer and more athletic, I feel better mentally and live in harmony with myself. I love giving it my all so that I can finish my workout in the best way possible. It’s a way to challenge myself every day and even more so on the days when I do an evaluation! Admittedly, the thing that motivates me the most is what I see in the mirror. The progress and results that I get out of it make me proud of myself and push me to keep going in my efforts. When I look at myself in the mirror, I admire my results and tell myself that quitting would mean losing this reflection that I love so much. So that’s why I’m hooked! It may seem a bit conceited, but in my opinion, it’s an excellent way to keep going. I’m proud of my body transformation.

The virtual trainer is a highly reliable source of support. The exercise descriptions are a real plus. The warm-ups are also really important. Now I make sure to not pass it up so that I don’t end up hurting myself. I can use it at any time of the day, anywhere I want and without any equipment; this service to get you back in shape is guaranteed to please. Anyone can get on the right track to feeling better in their body and mind with workout programs that are free and personalized for every user.

Like Marine, share your body transformation with FizzUp and support other users with a desire to get back in shape. Like Team FizzUp on Instagram, never throw in the towel! Your goal is within your reach.

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