Christophe’s FizzUp Transformation: “How I Lost 13 lb in 12 Weeks”

Need a source of inspiration? Christophe’s FizzUp transformation will give you all the motivated you need. A few weeks before his wedding, he decided to do something about his weight to surprise his bride-to-be and start his married life with an athletic physique. Twelve weeks later, he lost 13 lb (6 kg) and his tuxedo fit him like a glove.

His attempts to get fit until his moment of realization


My name is Christophe. I was born in Monaco and soon I’ll be turning 40. I’m a computer engineer and I’ve been a geek ever since I was young.

When I was 16, I was really skinny. I weighed 100 lb (45 kg) and was 5’6”. I immediately wanted to use exercise to change my appearance. Sadly, even after one year of working out at the gym, I didn’t get any results. I barely gained 2 lb (1 kg). I got a little bit discouraged, so I stopped for a few years and got back into exercise when I joined the army, with running and weightlifting, but the results weren’t much better. I was in great shape but my body was still really thin. When I was 21, I moved to Paris. I got back into weight lifting at the gym but one year later, I stopped again because I still didn’t get any results. Once I was in my 30s, I started gaining weight around my stomach, so I went back to the gym for a year and a half, four times a week, and took protein supplements everyone once in a while after my workouts. This time, I finally started seeing results, but the hassles of the gym were really demotivating… too many people on every machine, workouts that lasted two hours, the cost of the membership and coming home to my wife at 10pm made me stop again.

Christophe’s FizzUp Transformation: “How I Lost 13 lb in 12 Weeks”

I’m 38 and married and have a baby on the way. We eat a lot of fondue, so my stomach started to grow and before I knew it, I weighed 163 lb (74 kg). I had even started growing breasts! My moment of realization came to me when I proposed to my wife. With the body that I had at that time, there was no way I was going to find pants or a shirt that fit me right. I had to buy a bigger size for my waist, but they were too long for my legs. The same goes for shirts. So I had to buy them in a size large so that they would fit around my stomach. I looked horrible with them on. But I wanted to look good for my wedding day and wear a tux that fit me right.

So I decided to get back into working out, but this time I had specific needs that so that my routine would work with the lifestyle I have now. I needed workouts that didn’t last long so that I could have more time to spend with my family. There was no way I was going to go back to the gym with my job that’s always making me go here and there and hours that always change. I was looking for a bodyweight workout program, which is a method that I’m familiar with and really like. I did some research online and I tried different mobile fitness training apps. None of them had a free program that I could do without becoming a headache. And then I found FizzUp!

Even after the first few workouts, I thought it was great that I could let it guide me without it being a hassle, especially in terms of the reps and sets I had to do. The trainer guides you and you can just go with the flow. I also bought a smartwatch to track my physical activity and diet. This helped me figure out the mistakes I was making in my eating habits. Now I’ve been working out with the FizzUp trainer for two months. I run three times a week and have completely changed my diet so that it has fewer carbs, less fat and more protein. Now I’ve lost 13 lb (6 kg) and I have the body of an Olympian! My abs finally started to show and my muscles have started to become more sculpted. I bought my tux two weeks before my wedding. It fit me perfectly and I didn’t need any alterations.


His future fitness goals

I could have stopped there, but thanks to FizzUp, exercise is now something I enjoy and has stopped being a hassle. My goal now is to get a body like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!!! That’s going to take some time. I’ll have to eat a strict diet because in the end, it’s easier to lose weight than to gain it. Besides that, I just have to do my FizzUp workouts, take them seriously and keep working out regularly to get results. Sometimes at night I’m less motivated to do my workout. When that happens, it doesn’t hurt to get my workout clothes on. I listen to some music that gets me motivated to work out, then I sit on my couch and two minutes later, as if by magic, I’m doing my FizzUp workout.

I’m also really impressed with how fast I get better at doing the exercises. FizzUp has really improved my physical fitness. During my first three workouts, I had a really hard time doing three pull-ups. Now, I can do five sets of 10 reps and it’s a piece of cake.

The FizzUp experience brings people together. I’m trying to get my friends and family into it, and I have to say that after seeing my results, a lot of them have started FizzUp, including my wife. Even a client that I sometimes work with asked me how I transformed my body so fast and now he’s on level 8 on FizzUp. He’s going to catch up to me!

Ever tried working out at the office? With FizzUp, you can! When I was at my company’s head office, I worked out with a couple of my colleagues who I got to start FizzUp. The workouts are really fun in a group. We challenge each other and most importantly, we keep each other motivated.

I recommend FizzUp to everyone, no matter how old they are. With this app, anyone can get a workout program that works for them.

Like Vivien, Nicolas and François, Christophe found the fitness trade-off that works for him with FizzUp. Now he uses the “Become an Athlete goal” and couldn’t envision his life without working out. Pushing his limits and healthy living are what give rhythm to his life. So what are you waiting for? Be like Christophe!

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