FizzUp: Tatiana’s Ideal At-Home Fitness Trainer

Tired of trying workout program after workout program without ever finding a method that really works for you? The solution might be only a few clicks away. Tatiana, a 26-year-old future legal secretary, has finally found a fitness training app that’s right for her: FizzUp. She can’t stop her fitness experience with FizzUp PRO because she loves the tips she gets from her at-home fitness trainer and the results she’s achieved so far.

FizzUp: my at-home fitness trainer

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I’ve always been fairly athletic. When I was younger, I used to dance and do gymnastics. A few years ago, I set myself a challenge to try different online workout programs to stay in shape. I bought a ton of equipment and tried loads of methods, which were really disappointing for the most part and way too expensive for the quality of fitness guidance they gave me. I got bored and lost any desire to take better care of my body online. In a final attempt, I went looking for something else on Google Play and miraculously, I found FizzUp. I was in love at first sight with this fantastic app. This real at-home trainer gives me a personalized program to transform my body at my own pace. I don’t even need any equipment because all of the exercises use only my body weight. This was great for me! Even when I’m traveling, I don’t have any more excuses for not working out. I don’t have to keep loading up my car with weights and other exercise equipment (which I really don’t need) when I go away on the weekends. All I need to work out is a mat, towel and my smartphone or tablet. My at-home trainer guides me through each workout and encourages me with reminder messages when I’ve missed a workout.

And besides that, I can stop working out for hours on end: 20 to 30 minutes every other day is all I need to get results. My schedule is pretty busy and FizzUp is really the ideal solution to fit exercise into my studies. I can hang out with my friends and family and enjoy going out without feeling guilty or absolutely having to find an hour or two in my day to do my workout. I squeeze my workout into my schedule when I have some downtime, instead of crashing onto the sofa. I’m really free to work out when I want with my FizzUp at-home fitness trainer.

The advantages of FizzUp PRO

I tried each workout program because I wanted to slim down my waistline and sculpt my body to stay in shape. I don’t really have much weight to lose, but I wanted to get a more toned and sculpted physique. I do know a bit about exercise, but I needed someone to guide me in transforming my body. With FizzUp, the difficulty of the exercises is right for my fitness level and the Rhythm helps me to track my progress. This feature really keeps me motivated because it shows me how regularly I work out. The more workouts I do in a row, the higher my score gets.

I also like getting the push notifications and reminder emails from the FizzUp fitness trainer so that I do my workout on time. They’re a real motivation booster and I’ll never give up. Seeing how much progress I’ve made after every evaluation at the end of every level is another thing that gets me motivated. I want to push my limits every time. And then there are the tips from FizzUp Nutrition and the blog. They always teach me something new and are helping me blast cellulite and stomach fat. I’m vegan, so I tweak the recipes to my eating habits, but this doesn’t at all take away from the taste or how much I enjoy each FizzUp recipe. The last thing that’s left to try is the Focus programs… I’ll get to them soon!

FizzUp does so much for me. I feel proud of myself after every workout and better in my body and mind. And that’s really satisfying. Regaining confidence in myself and everything I do has helped me go further, even in my career. Besides all that, there’s FizzUp’s got a huge community where users can support and keep each other motivated using the app. For those who don’t have FizzUp yet and are killing themselves at the gym or by using other programs… stop wasting your time right now! FizzUp is the currently best fitness app and workout program that works for all fitness levels, beginners and experienced athletes alike. You’re bound to get results, especially with FizzUp Nutrition, because it changes how you think about your eating habits if you want to lose weight. Instead of giving you a strict diet to follow, FizzUp reminds you about the joys of eating and tells you which habits can prevent weight loss. If I had to sum it up, once you start FizzUp, you won’t be able to stop.

Save money and get fit without the hassle with guidance from FizzUp Nutrition and FizzUp PRO, your at-home fitness trainer. When will you sign up to join Tatiana and the entire FizzUp community?

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