Emilie: Her Experience with FizzUp Fitness Training

12 weeks. That’s all the time you need to boost your self-confidence, love your body again and make a fresh start. This is Emilie’s experience with FizzUp fitness training. Her story will give you the inspiration you need to tackle your goal. Like Marion and Oliver, the FizzUp workout program transformed her body and mind, helping her live a more energetic and active life.


My name is Emilie. I’m 29, so I’m pushing my 30s. I work as a customer service representative and I’ve got a five-year-old daughter. I’ve always been more or less involved in sports. Before I had my daughter, I played in a handball club and went to a few group classes at the gym. While I was pregnant, I stopped exercising completely and went through some major food cravings. And what happened? I gained 44 lb (20 kg)!

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Obviously the excess weight didn’t just disappear. I didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror anymore and had lost my confidence. Shopping for clothes was a disaster. Then, I saw myself in a photo and that’s when I thought, “That can’t be me!” In 2012, I got my eating habits back on track with a nutrition plan, because losing weight also means paying attention to what you eat. I took up balanced habits without the frustration of going on a diet, and I loved it. Throughout the year, I was really focused on what I ate, so I lost 41 lb (19 kg). Once I knew how to balance out my meals, I absolutely had to get back into exercise.

I don’t move around very much at work. I’m always talking to customers, which means that I need to let off some steam on a daily basis. So I signed up for a gym membership again. In the beginning, I was more motivated than ever, but eventually, I couldn’t make it to the group classes because of my hours at the office. But working out at the gym? I had never crossed that bridge because I always felt like people would be watching me. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. A little less than a year and a half later, I decided to quit.

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I love social media, especially Instagram (@emi_obj_30). For me, it’s a great way to get motivated and share my experience with other people. I started following workout programs that guaranteed I’d get my dream body in 12 weeks, but after 6 weeks of every program, my motivation always tanked. I was never able to finish the programs. In January 2017, one of my colleagues told me about FizzUp. I downloaded the app, liked their Facebook page and followed them on Instagram.


I became part of the FizzUp community, full of members who are more motivated and united than ever. Finally, I wasn’t the only one looking at the list of exercises I had to do. I chose the “Lose Weight” program. It gives me full-body workouts with all the details about the exercises so that I can do them right. At the beginning and end of every level, there’s an evaluation that encourages you to give it all you’ve got. If I’m not sure how to do an exercise, I can even get in touch with the trainer.

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With the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, I’ve got new recipes that are right for my fitness goal to help me keep eating healthy to lose weight.

I do my workouts at home. Even though my days are pretty hectic with my job, home and family, it’s easy to take 20 and 30 minutes to do my workout. I’ve gotten back my self-confidence and have learned to love my body again.

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Now I actually enjoy getting dressed and dolling myself up. The journey to reaching my goal is far from over. I’m more motivated than ever. I would recommend FizzUp, 100%. This app is now a major part of my everyday routine.

That was Emilie’s experience with FizzUp fitness training. Use her story to help you live a balanced lifestyle you can be proud of. Ready to take the first step?

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