Elisabeth: Learn to Love Fitness with FizzUp

Not everyone is born with a passion for exercise. It has to be pass on and nurtured. Elisabeth never liked being physically active because she felt it was out of her reach. But that’s before she starting working out with FizzUp. When she saw some serious changes in her body, she knew she had to stop taking a pass when it came to exercise, which she has now learned to love. Rely on FizzUp to help you learn to love fitness!


Let me introduce myself. My name’s Elisabeth and I’m 31. I was never that physically active during my childhood. It always felt like a chore. Once I started, then I stopped because I didn’t feel like I could do it. I felt like I couldn’t get better at any physical activity I tried. Let’s just say that it wasn’t easy finding something I actually liked. Then I thought that using an app to work out at home could help me. I went looking for a motivating online program and I don’t know how many fitness training programs I tried before I eventually gave it up.

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Last December, I finally found an app that I liked and met my expectations: FizzUp! This app is really innovative. It adapts the program according to the number of exercise repetitions I can do, alternates between exercise time and rest time and still keeps me motivated. And you don’t need any equipment at all, except for an exercise mat. In the beginning, I started with the “Lose Weight” program. In March, I kept going and started the “Become an Athlete”* program. What really blew me away with FizzUp and helped me stick with it this time was the fact that my body actually started to change. I never stagnated and was always making progress. I saw that I was improving at the end of each level and that really made me want to keep going. And with all the exercises, I never get bored. Now, working out is something I truly enjoy and I couldn’t thank FizzUp enough for making me learn to love it.

I always work out with the “Become an Athlete” program and now I’m on level 19 with a Rhythm score I’m so proud of: 110 workouts in a row. I feel it getting harder and that’s what I love about FizzUp: the more workouts I do, the harder it gets. A huge perk about this program is that I can also work certain areas of my body. I do about 2 Challenges* a week besides my regular workout.


This summer, I decided to start cycling and running in addition to my FizzUp workouts. Sometimes it’s hard, but FizzUp has helped me tone up my body and get my motivation back. I don’t have any before/after photos because I had a really hard time accepting my body and I’ve still got a long way to go until I reach my goals. But I know that Team FizzUp is helping me accept myself and I thank them for being there for me! We help each other out all the time over social media, especially on Instagram (@sangalete85). Because above all, FizzUp is family!!!

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FizzUp is my time to myself after work so that I can unwind and start my evening more relaxed. And it works! I do it on Sunday nights, too, so that I can tire myself out, since I used to have trouble sleeping from Sunday to Monday, but not anymore. I have a small confession to make: ever since I started FizzUp, I don’t gain weight even though I eat whatever I want. I still don’t eat a balanced diet, but my weight hasn’t changed at all since I started working out with FizzUp on a regular basis.

Nutrition is one of my weaknesses because I love to eat. And sometimes, I keep eating even though I’m full, so that’s one thing I still need to improve. I’m relying on the FizzUp Nutrition Guide so that I can win this battle and really hope that it will help me reach my goals. I’m a long ways off because I want to lose over 22 lb (10 kg). I’ll let you know soon how it’s going!

The FizzUp trainer will make sure to tell you how Elisabeth is getting on. With FizzUp, she’s now got everything she needs to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Exercise isn’t your enemy. It should be an ally in your everyday routine. Anyone can learn to love fitness when they’ve got the right guidance and support.

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