Dominique: Stop Snacking Between Meals with FizzUp

Sometimes you might find yourself snacking here and there without even realizing it, resulting in nothing but trouble. Extra pounds, feeling tired or unsatisfied when you look in the mirror and a loss of confidence come creeping into your life. Don’t let nibbling define you. With FizzUp, Dominique put an end to mindless snacking. She lost 11 lb (5 kg) in 12 weeks to get back her self-confidence and so much more! This is her inspiring success story.


Hey, Team FizzUp! I’m Dominique, but you can call me Domi. I’m 38 and have two kids. They’re 11 and 13. I work as a hospital nurse. To tell you a little bit about the physical activities in my life, I’ve always alternated between running and dancing. I’ve never had a really muscular physique with sculpted abs and firm glutes, but I’ve never had any weight problems. You could say that I don’t have anything to worry about, but I do… Snacking is a major part of what I do for a living. With a variable work schedule (I could be on duty at any time of day or night) and quick meal breaks at unusual times, I tend to wolf down high-calorie foods. Obviously, this isn’t healthy and balanced snacking. It’s bread, cheese and deli meat.

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These eating habits weren’t a problem as long as I stayed active. Sadly, I had some major back problems that made me drop everything. I had to stop working for several months and I couldn’t keep running or dancing because of the impact and twisting on my muscles. That’s when the pounds started piling on. I ended up spending every day cooped up at home with snacking as the only thing I could do. My body quickly became an eyesore and the scale starting showing me numbers I’d never seen before!

I’m going on 40, physically handicapped because of my back, with a body I didn’t like anymore. So I had to find a fitness routine that would work for my back, and fast.


I discovered the FizzUp app by accident, and I thought it was fun, motivating and easier to use than the other fitness apps I’ve tried. I was a bit put off by the idea of working out alone because it’s harder to get motivated that way. In a group class, the momentum of the group get me pumped. But with the members of the FizzUp community, who were so nice and encouraging, and the workout reminders and motivation from the FizzUp Staff, I was finally able to get back on track.

I saw my body start to change as the weeks went by, which really got me excited. And the best part was that my lower back pain gradually started to go away while I was building muscle.

And of course, I stopped snacking between meals. The FizzUp nutrition tips taught me that I couldn’t carry on like that! I still don’t have the healthiest meals at work, but I’ve gotten into the habit of taking healthy foods with me or I make something at home the day before, which is harder because I don’t like to cook. I’ve tried the recipes in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, especially the dessert recipes (because I have a sweet tooth), like the bowl cake and the oatmeal cookies. Now I can’t live without the zucchini “pizzup” and the salmon and avocado tartar!

I lost 11 lb in 12 weeks and toned by body, which is something I’ve never done before! My abs finally started to show and my muscles started to become more sculpted. But I’ve still got some work to do! Now that I’ve taken up the right habits, I just need to keep going. For anyone who has stopped loving their body like I did, FizzUp will give you a fitness program that works with your lifestyle so that you can keep up your efforts and work out regularly with handy workout reminders. With three months to get back in shape and fitness evaluations on a regular basis, I could see how much progress I was making. There’s no better way to stay motivated. Now FizzUp’s workouts are a regular part of my schedule every week.

Like Stéphanie and Vincent, Dominique was brave enough to take back her health and wellness. With FizzUp fitness training, they have the tool and support they need to continue transforming their bodies. Follow their inspiring lead and be the next success story!

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