Clément: FizzUp, The Gym Alternative

Clément found FizzUp eight months ago. Driven by his desire to make a change, he opted for a personalized full-body workout program to build muscle right at home: FizzUp PRO fitness training. From workout to workout, he saw his body transform and get its tone back. This “geek,” as he likes to call himself, found his FizzUp workouts as a way to take better care of his body with the help of his phone and forget about his everyday worries without having to go too far from home.

The gym alternative to build muscle

FizzUp l'alternative à la salle de sport

When I was teenager, I did judo for seven years and table tennis for two years in a row. Eventually, I stopped being physically active and I started eating pretty much anything I wanted, and lots of it. The pounds started to pile on, so I lost some of my self-confidence. That’s when I really felt like I needed to take better care of my body. I started a diet that helped me lose weight fast: 15 lb ( 7 kg) in four or five months. Today, I’ve kept my weight at 156 lb (71 kg) with the tips from FizzUp Nutrition. I’ve learned how to eat balanced meals without feeling deprived.

After I lost weight, I still felt like I didn’t have enough muscle tone and had less energy. When I saw my friends going to the gym and start to show the progress they made, I wanted to give exercise a try. But I’ve never been tempted to go to the gym. That’s why I looked for workout videos so that I could exercise at home. A YouTuber that I followed mentioned FizzUp. That was a real revelation for me! I saw it as a great opportunity to build muscle without leaving my house and almost no money, compared to what my friends were spending on gym memberships. The idea of bodyweight exercises got my attention. The program gives you 20-minute workouts to start with, because the more you use it, the longer the workouts can get. I can choose from a variety of extra exercises to add to my basic workout. When I’m motivated, my workout can be 50 minutes long because I activate the Cal Burner, Six-Pack and Stretching Add-ons*, not to mention the Focus programs*. Because I subscribed to FizzUp PRO, I can supplement my workout with the Abs Focus* because I want abs of steel. My body has slimmed down  and my muscles are really starting to show.

I think the biggest advantage to FizzUp fitness training is the trainer. It feels like I have a real one right in front of me and he’s there whenever I need him. I wanted to try a full-body workout program that goes into detail and helps me easily build muscle. FizzUp shows you everything, from how to do the exercises (explained by the trainer), to the length of the workout that’s calculated automatically and long you rest between exercises. I don’t have to do anything besides getting my workout clothes on and doing what the trainer says to do during my full-body workout. Not to mention that the FizzUp community is fantastic… the members share so much with each other and send messages to motivate and encourage other members. And then there’s the Rhythm. It shows me the number of workouts I’ve done in a row! These are great ways to keep its users motivated, which is why FizzUp is a great gym alternative.

Taking steps toward change

With FizzUp, I’ve got my body and self-confidence back. I’ve gained muscle tone and bodyweight strength training has helped me evenly build my muscles. It didn’t take long to sculpt my body after a few workouts. When I got started, I really wanted to make a comeback with a body transformation. Then, when I started to see results, I was even more motivated to keep up the effort. FizzUp workouts use training methods like HIIT, and it’s an extremely effective way to burn fat and keep a healthy body weight.

I also stopped hurting my body by eating junk food and drinking soda. FizzUp Nutrition was a huge help to me for stabilizing my weight. I thought it was so detailed and well explained. It taught me a lot about food and how to combine different ingredients. I changed certain eating habits that were bad for my health, too and learned what the glycemic index is and how to maintain my body’s acid-base balance. Another way I’ve significantly improved by eating habits is by saying no TV dinners and candy loaded with sugar.

FizzUp has transformed my state of mind. With exercise, I can clear my head, unwind and think about something other than what’s bothering me. I get better sleep now thanks to exercise, which has had a big impact on my mood. I never do my workout when I get out of bed. I don’t feel like I ever have enough energy. I’d rather do my workout in the afternoon. That’s why I recommend FizzUp to anyone who wants to build muscle and get back a balanced lifestyle.

Clément found a gym alternative that builds muscle anytime, anywhere. With the help of his FizzUp trainer, he got his body back.

*FizzUp PRO feature

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