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To get an athletic physique, be like François (who’s on level 14) and FizzUp your life! Like him, don’t forget about taking care of your health, even during exams. To have a successful school year, get into good habits and remember to maintain a sufficient physical activity routine. François tells you how he found out about FizzUp fitness training.


FizzUp your mind and body

My brother told me about Fysiki (NDLR: the company that runs FizzUp) in April 2014. I put off starting the program until July 2014 because I was busy studying for my exams to become a high school teacher. I thought that the workouts were going to take too much time and that they would throw off my busy schedule. But now looking back, I recommend starting FizzUp as soon as you feel the need to. Better sooner than later! Workouts last no longer than 35 minutes (if you do the entire workout) and I can do them as soon as I have some free time. As a bonus, I always feel great once I’m finished, especially after taking a shower… perfect, even when you’re studying for exams.

I’ve been using FizzUp since September 2015. In my opinion, it’s more user-friendly on tablets or smartphones. The interface is clean and simple, but the workouts are still high-quality. The trainer is even there to guide you when doing the exercises. There’s no way I can get it wrong when I work out because the trainer and I do the movements together.

The advantages of FizzUp for my physical activities

I’ve been playing tennis since I was eight years old. After the age of 20, I was getting injured at least once a year, usually in my back. For the last two years, I’ve stopped experiencing back pain. Just a coincidence? I don’t think so! FizzUp workouts have enabled me to balance out my muscle mass. Tennis is actually an asymmetrical sport, causing significant muscle imbalance that can lead to injury. That’s why doing strength training workouts in addition to playing sport is a must. Another advantage is that FizzUp cardio routines have given me increased endurance when I do my workouts and play in a tennis match. I feel the advantages of HIIT, which is one of the features you get with FizzUp PRO. I recover much faster than before and I’m able to keep my mind clear, even when the matches get strenuous.

Rock climbing is a another physical activity that I’m passionate about. Sadly, I don’t have the time to do it regularly because of work constraints. I used to need two to three sessions before rock climbing would start to feel good again. My muscles would quickly start to suffer, so I couldn’t enjoy the climb. Now, thanks to my FizzUp workouts, when I’m at the beginning of the climbing route, I feel fit and fantastic as soon as I start climbing. I definitely owe this to the strength training and core-strengthening exercises. I’ve increased my muscular power and improved my proprioception!


An athletic physique for the last two years

[quote cite=’FizzUp Nutrition Guide tip #33 – Is alcohol your worst enemy?’ align=’right’]By reducing your intake from one beer per day (~130 calories) to one beer per week, you cut down your energy intake by 900 calories per week, which amounts to 55,000 calories per year. After one year, this small and simple habit can help you lose up to 15 lb (7 kg)![/quote]

In July 2014, I weighed 185 lb (84 kg) and was just over six feet tall. Now, I’m still the same height (fortunately), but I weigh 167 lb (76 kg). FizzUp workouts are one reason for my weight loss, but let’s be realistic… that’s not the only reason! Eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are two factors that, in addition to sufficient physical activity, are musts if you want to continue losing weight and get a body that’s evenly sculpted. And that’s something the FizzUp Staff understand completely. With my FizzUp PRO account, I can do the Focus programs, which are mini-workouts that get me faster results. And I also follow the advice in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide; I get nutritional tips that are easy to use in my everyday life. These tips always come with explanations as to “why” I need to change certain eating habits. For example, I significantly reduced how much alcohol I drink. I was drinking four to five beers a week and two glasses of red wine at dinner.

Try FizzUp to change your attitude

You’ve got to try FizzUp for yourself to see what it can do for you, but you’ll probably come to like the benefits of having a “FizzUp attitude”! The workouts are complete and personalized. The program takes your entire body into account, all while protecting it. The variety of exercises, with the changes in the number of repetitions or sets for every workout, as well as the different rest periods get you an athletic physique and keep up your motivation. You won’t get tired, even at the end of your workout; you’ll really feel a sense physical wellness. Unlike other programs, it respects your body; I don’t feel beat when I get through it.

To conclude, if you’re still not sure if you want to give FizzUp a try because you think “virtual trainers” can’t bring people together, think again. The FizzUp community is extremely active. The ability to “boost” your friends is a great motivator, as are the challenges on social media, like Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #FizzUp and #TeamFizzUp.

You too can FizzUp your life! Join François on FizzUp. Like François, share your recipes, progress and the fun you’re having while getting fit with #TeamFizzUp.

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