Amandine: Use FizzUp to Give Life a Healthy Rhythm

Amandine has discovered how to give life a healthy rhythm: FizzUp is there for her in her everyday life for physical and mental fulfillment. Less inclined to exercise at the beginning, FizzUp was able to help her reconcile with physique and being physically active. A young and dynamic woman, she’s strengthening her mindset and exerting herself using tips from the trainer. Amandine is proud of the progress she has made and found FizzUp to be a positive way to thrive. Join her on FizzUp.


Learning to love exercise

Exercise has always been a chore for me because I mainly did it at school. I disliked exercise for two reasons: one was the way I worked out and the other was the hassle of doing exercises that I didn’t always like. I’ve always been a little bit chubby; that’s why exercise was really a challenge for me. It was tiring and boring because it wasn’t very fun and it didn’t really motivate me to get moving, which FizzUp was able to do later on. I was only interested in team sports, like basketball, because I thought they were really fun.

When I graduated from high school, I was relieved by the fact that I wouldn’t be forced to exercise anymore. I was in a college prep course and spent all my free time on music, which I played at the conservatory. Since my days were long and intense, I compensated by eating a really unhealthy diet that was also very high in calories. I quickly gained weight and pretended that I didn’t have time to exercise. I got cornered when I went to see my doctor: I was on the verge of becoming obese. That was quite a shock because even though I was chubby, I didn’t think I was that overweight. That’s how I got my motivation back to exercise and take better care of myself. I did other physical activities (swimming and running) before my boyfriend told me about FizzUp. The fact that this workout method is recommended by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research convinced me to give it a try. So that’s when I started my FizzUp adventure and am still convinced that exercise can solve all your health problems. FizzUp enables me to go beyond my limits and get more familiar with my body so that I can give life a healthy rhythm. I’ve truly learned to love working out. Now, I have no more excuses to not do my workout.

My philosophy about challenging myself


I’ve developed a sort of challenge philosophy: I love giving myself a challenge in my everyday life so that I can show myself what I’m capable of and get back my self-confidence. I have more energy and FizzUp helps me unwind. I was quickly able to make the FizzUp routine a part of my life and I’ve tried to get into good fitness habits by starting Tahitian dance to give an artistic touch to exercise. I’ve always had time to do my workout, whether that’s in the morning, afternoon or evening. I always manage my time well because my goal is to stay in shape and sculpt my body how I like. FizzUp enables me to move at my own pace without frustrating me or making it way too difficult. Nothing scares me anymore, not even dips, squats, glute bridges or the Arlaud movement. Thanks to the Chest Focus, I even like push-ups, which are modified for women.

The FizzUp workout is enjoyable because it can be adapted to beginners, their sex and even their weight, because you have to enter it as well as your height when you start the program. It wasn’t long before I was hooked. I’ve even done my workouts every day, with the Cal Burner, Six-Pack and Stretching Add-ons*.

My next goal is to build muscle in my thighs, glutes, stomach and arms. I’m relying on FizzUp to get me there. I recently became aware of the Focus* exercises. I hadn’t noticed that these programs were different from the cardio and abs exercises. I was glad, because I get a free program and can give it my all in order to reach my goal for less money. It really was worth it! And above all, it’s less hassle than leaving my house to go to the gym. At home I can go at my own pace and push my limits as I listen to my favorite music. I would also like to try FizzUp outdoors, but I haven’t done that yet. Stay tuned!

Use FizzUp to listen your body


I’m now convinced that in order to give life a healthy rhythm, you’ve got to do regular physical activity. So I tried to convert my friends and family to the FizzUp method because it has done a lot for me in my everyday life. After a good workout, I always feel better; exercise relaxes me. It’s always so satisfying to be able to do an entire Cal Burner workout with the level of difficulty set to “hard”*. A FizzUp workout helps me feel different in my body. I listen to my muscles as I do each exercise and that makes me feel good to know that they’re working.

What’s the other thing that helps me knuckle down? My pretty workout clothes, which make me feel good and beautiful because exercise means doing yourself some good! For me, FizzUp is a moment of wellness… time spent with yourself to free your mind. It’s also when I go beyond my limits. I don’t like working out in groups anymore. Who would have thought? When I was younger, anyway, I never would have suspected it. Being alone helps me focus and go at my own pace without comparing myself to anyone else.

Advice to follow from the FizzUp trainer

Between each workout day, the FizzUp trainer recommends that you watch what you eat using the FizzUp Nutrition Guide. And he’s right: the hardest thing for me is paying attention to my diet because I love to eat. Just because you exercise, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what you put on your plate. FizzUp has taught me that my diet is just as important as being physically active because my goal is to lose weight. That’s why FizzUp does it all: it’s a healthy lifestyle, which also depends on what I put into my mouth. If there’s one piece of advice from the trainer that I’ll remember, that’s it.

That’s why I purchased the FizzUp Nutrition Guide so that I could get 150 FizzUp recipes and tips. I can access them right in the application using my mobile device, which is convenient because I have the list of ingredients with me. I never forget anything when I go grocery shopping and I can set my phone next to me while I’m cooking so that it’s easier to follow the recipe.

Amandine enjoys exercise again with help from the FizzUp fitness trainer. If she can do herself some good, why can’t you? Like Fabien and Julie, move at your own pace to get in shape with FizzUp in just six weeks!

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