Alexandre: Get a New Body with FizzUp in 3 Months

Want to make a change? Not everyone has the same moment of realization, but if you want to make a change that will last, you need to choose a workout program that’s best for you. Alexander never thought he could get the body he was dreaming of, but months of fitness training proved him wrong. Follow Alexandre’s lead to show off a new body with FizzUp and reveal all your physical potential.on


Hi, I’m Alexandre! I wanted to start this experience because I was never able to sculpt my dream body. When I was 13, I weighed 183 lb (83 kg) and was 5’7” (1 m 72 cm). Everyone liked to tell me that I was a bit on the pudgy side.alexandre_cauchy_breakdance Then a few years later, I discovered breakdancing. It helped me lose weight, but I never gained more muscle mass. I always dreamed of having an athletic physique and a stomach with sculpted abs. Breakdancing is still my favorite sport, which I now pass on to little kids by giving lessons. I started running about two years ago and I love it! It has really become a way for me to escape. I’m even able to run half-marathons. Once a week, I also play futsal with my friends. This is great for getting some cardio. For those who don’t know, this is like indoor soccer (aka football). One time at work, a colleague told me about FizzUp, and I signed up immediately. I had already tried another fitness training app for a few weeks, but I didn’t like the way it worked. The strength training workouts were too intense and weren’t right at all for my fitness level. There was no way I was going to make any progress. I started with FizzUp, then I stopped for a little while because I wasn’t that driven and lacked motivation, until the day I decided to seriously get back into it with a specific fitness goal in mind.


For three months, I did everything FizzUp suggested and did my workout every other day. I completely changed my eating habits with the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, although I didn’t really take the time to try all the FizzUp recipes. Now, my diet is a lot more balanced because I eat more veggies. I eat breakfast, but also healthy snacks, like dried fruits and nuts. I’ve stopped nibbling and have really found a good balance. I still let myself cheat from time to time, but I’ve stopped feeling guilty about it because I know my results won’t suddenly disappear and that I now have a healthy lifestyle, no matter what.

new body with fizzup 02

The FizzUp workouts helped me transform my body and still continue to sculpt it. As soon as I started seeing results, I felt more motivated than ever! The Focus programs with FizzUp PRO have been a real advantage for this, because you can use them to work a specific area of your body. I built explosive power for the different sports I play thanks to the fact that FizzUp has helped me physically prepare my body. This fitness training app is the perfect addition to my other physical activities. I feel more energized on an everyday basis. Not only did FizzUp enable me to get a new body, but also really change my mood. I feel less impulsive and am always happy. I really enjoy working out and eating right. I couldn’t go without my FizzUp “fix”. It’s always something I enjoy doing!

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All this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without FizzUp’s guidance and community. It’s so important to have a group you can count on to keep yourself motivated. That’s probably what I was always missing, until now. Having guidance, support and someone to listen to me really helped me reach my goal. There were times when I wanted to give up, but the FizzUp community was able to boost my motivation.

new body with fizzup 03

Three months ago, I weighed 159 lb (72 kg), but my body wasn’t sculpted at all. Now I weigh 148 lb (67 kg). I’ve lost weight and toned my muscles, but haven’t reached my final goal yet: a six-pack at 28! I am counting on the Abs Focus to get me there. I also love the “Build Muscle with Equipment”, which seems to really help me gain muscle mass. If you’re like me and need to get your bearings and get total guidance telling you when, why and how to work out, then I recommend FizzUp. By getting into a balanced diet (that doesn’t make you feel deprived) and doing your workouts on a regular basis, you’re sure to get results!

With your FizzUp trainer’s wise advice, you’re guaranteed to get results, instead of injuring yourself, getting frustrated or doing something you don’t want to do. Your FizzUp program is completely personalized and will take you where you’ve never been before.

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