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After reading the testimonials by Camille and Sam, meet Alexandre, a judoka and FizzUp fan! After letting himself go (although it was brief!), he found a way to build muscle thanks to tips from the trainer and a 100% personalized workout program.

Let me introduce myself…

build_muscle_alexandre_01My name is Alexandre, I’m from Toulon, France and I’m 22 years old. I’ve started doing judo when I was six years old and I’ve never stopped since. I’ve always liked exercise and I even got addicted to it when I was a teenager. Running, bodyweight strength training, group fitness classes, swimming… exercise quickly became my main hobby, which I did with my friends from Toulon.

Two years ago, I left the sun far (read: very far) behind when I went to the French region of Alsace for the beginning of my studies in September 2014.

And that was tragic! I had two years of student life in all their glory: parties and fast food were usually on the agenda. Even though I kept a little bit of physical activity in my schedule, I was still able to feel the change. At certain times of the year (when there were a lot of celebrations), my performance wasn’t the same on the tatami. I would get out of breath a lot faster and lost some of my explosiveness and power. Seeing my physical fitness deteriorate was pretty frustrating.

My goals

My main goal was to get back in shape. I was tired of having to “endure” my workouts. I also wanted to get back the muscles that I had lost over the last few months. I was really confident that I could do this. I knew that if I had the drive and was able to quickly get back into good habits, it would be easy to get back my physical fitness. I also set more ambitious goals for myself. I actually wanted to gain muscle mass to be at the right weight for my category (approximately 9 lb/4 kg). Of course you can’t gain 9 lb of muscle in three weeks, but at least I was on the right track. In addition to building muscle, I wanted to correct some muscle imbalances that were caused by doing judo (imbalance on the right and left of my body and imbalance in my upper and lower body). Turning my weaknesses into strengths was important for me to avoid injury.

Discovering FizzUp

Once these two years of parties were over, I started looking for an internship to finish the school year. A friend then told me about FizzUp, because they were offering an internship in my field. “This company is for you! They even work out between co-workers during their lunch break!” My first internship at a fitness start-up? I hurried up and applied immediately. To be honest, I did my first workout to prepare for my interview. Judoka comes in handy, don’t you think? I haven’t missed a single workout since! An internship at FizzUp was the perfect opportunity to bring together my professional and fitness goals.

build_muscle_alexandre_02My experience with FizzUp

At FizzUp, the entire team works out together on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We have a two-hour break, showers and a nice area just for working out: the FizzUp Box. In short, everything you need! However, I wasn’t used to working out between noon and 2 p.m. In the south of France, we prefer to take a nap in the afternoon! But I do have to admit that it’s really convenient. We make the most out of this time of the day that sometimes goes to waste. And above all, it creates a great atmosphere at work.

To intensify my workouts, I usually activate the Add-ons* instead of doing the Focus programs*. But I’ve started the Back Focus* because my performance when doing these exercises isn’t as good. I also wanted to improve my power when doing pull-ups, which is really useful for judo. And ok, what guy would say “no” to a little bit more biceps?

Where do I get my motivation from? In my opinion, the best way to get motivated to start a workout or sports program, whatever that may be, is to remember to have fun with it. A FizzUp workout is, above all, time I have to myself, when I can relax and clear my mind. I’ve never associated exercise with pain. Instead of focusing on the results and seeing a workout as inevitable pain you have to go through in order to get them, you need to appreciate the workout, and the results will come naturally.

But having fun isn’t enough if you want to work out regularly. There are actually many other really fun activities that you can do to relax, but aren’t nearly as healthy. So to make sure that I don’t just lie around on my couch, I established some healthy habits for myself in no time. I always work out on the same days, at the same time. I’ve sort of created a time slot for FizzUp in my schedule.

build_muscle_alexandre_03My first results

This was the first time that I decided to play along and take “before” and “after” selfies, and after just six weeks of working out, I wasn’t disappointed. I knew that I was going to transform my physique because I was really determined, but I wasn’t expecting results like this so soon. I quickly burned the fat that was hiding my abdominals and I also got back the muscle mass that I had lost. Building muscle was fast thanks to the workouts in my FizzUp program.

But the changes aren’t just in a better appearance. Getting into a healthier lifestyle has had more of an impact than I had imagined. My sleep quality has seriously improved; I sleep better and waking up isn’t as hard now. It’s rare for me to get tired all of a sudden during the day. I’ve increased my appetite and improved my ability to concentrate…. I didn’t think that this would have such an impact!

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