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Effectively working out at home with high-quality fitness tracking is now possible thanks to a workout program using an application. You’ll get advice from a virtual fitness trainer that designs and supervises your personalized training sessions. You can start your workout anytime and anywhere that’s best for you using the mobile application for smartphones and tablets or an Internet connection on your PC.


Work out at home to sculpt your body without any hassle.

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How to work out at home

An online workout program should follow a few basic guidelines in order to be effective and suit your goal. In fact, when you exercise at home, you’re taking a serious step toward maintaining your overall health and physical abilities.

Working out without equipment

Exercising at home should make it possible for you to do a physical activity that’s easy, fun and effective. To do that, you don’t need to invest in special exercise equipment that’s bulky and expensive. Bodyweight exercises enable you to build your muscles and sculpt your physique without using any weight other than your body, which is heavy enough to work your muscles as you lift it and hold different positions. Another advantage of these exercises is that they protect your back and reduce the risk of muscle injuries, often caused by lifting too much weight during muscle building. Exercises included in bodyweight muscle building are natural movements that work the muscles synergistically. A single exercise can work several muscles simultaneously. That’s how you’ll evenly build your musculature.

These multi-joint exercises improve your everyday life because you get used to lifting, carrying, lowering and maintaining your body in a position that contracts your muscles. The burpee is a bodyweight exercise that’s highly effective in sculpting your body. Start the exercise in the squat position. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and jump your feet backward to get in the push-up position. Touch the floor with your chest. Jump to bring your feet close to your hands and return to the starting squat position. Lastly, jump as high as you can from this position.

High-intensity exercise  

To get visible results by working out at home, your training program should be designed using the basics of bodyweight muscle building and high-intensity training. High-intensity training guarantees a long-lasting physical transformation. An online training program designed using HIIT (high-intensity interval training) offers you an intensive workout for a set period of time. That’s why you have to give it your maximum effort. You’ll then have a short period of time to rest your muscles. You’ll continue your intensive training with a new exercise, and will repeat this four to five times.Your workout will never last longer than 30 minutes. This half an hour is more effective than running, making you intensively work your muscles and cardiovascular system. This is how at-home strength training enables you to effectively sculpt your body with a program that fits perfectly into your schedule.

Get a fitness trainer to exercise at home

A strength training application will give you personalized fitness tracking, designed by your own online trainer. Get a fitness expert that comes to you and guides you for maximum progress. The trainer will adapt to suit your goal and give you a customized program that’s right for you.

A personalized program

Your online personal trainer creates your workout program according to your goal and physical fitness level. Your trainer will skillfully change the difficulty of the exercises to suit your overall physique, helping you go beyond your limits without getting discouraged by exercises that are too hard for you. The exercises gradually become more difficult as you physically make progress. You’ll be able to do exercises for longer periods of time, despite having been skeptical about them at the beginning.

Your fitness trainer will have you do regular evaluations in order to measure your progress. You’ll get tips on how to do the exercises and words of encouragement from your trainer during every workout.

To each their own goal

At-home fitness with an online trainer means you’ll get a workout that’s adapted to suit your goal. If you want to get back a coordinated and sculpted physique, your trainer will gear your training program toward strength training exercises coupled with cardio exercises that will enable you effectively lose weight. In fact, these exercises make your body use significantly more energy, thereby helping you effectively burn calories.

If you want to get a flat stomach, your strength training program will include abdominal and core-strengthening exercises so that you can shrink your abdomen and get prominent abs.

If you want to get a more balanced and flexible physique, your personal trainer will design a program based on strength training and stretching exercises. You’ll learn how to relax and stretch your muscles after working out so that you can improve your flexibility.

FizzUp at-home workouts version 3.0

Rely on the FizzUp online fitness trainer, an expert in getting you back in shape without any equipment. Your program is customized to suit you because your FizzUp trainer takes your needs and goal into account. Your fitness trainer will explain each exercise and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll stay motivated thanks to the words of encouragement from the trainer and your friends, who can follow your progress using the application. You can even motivate them as soon as you notice that they’re exercising less frequently. Working out regularly is a must if you want to reach your goal and effectively improve your physical fitness. With FizzUp, you’ll do three workouts a week that last only 20 minutes. This healthy new lifestyle will help you feel better in both your body and mind. Your FizzUp fitness trainer is waiting for you!

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