Workout Excuse #7: “I’m Not Getting Any Results from Working Out!”

Besides the workout excuses “I don’t have the money to work out” and “I don’t have time to work out,” in this article, the FizzUp trainer is going to debunk another workout excuse to help you keep moving toward your goal: “I’m not getting any results from working out!”

Why am I not getting any results from working out?

Usually, people start exercising because they want to transform their bodies, but they overlook one important factor: exercising for fun. In the beginning, your new physical activity has you dedicated and determined. That’s why you want to get results, and fast. When you don’t see any, you start to get discouraged and lose the desire to stick with your routine that isn’t paying off. The only thing is, you’re taking the wrong approach. Exercise should enable you to enjoy reaching a goal so that the changes you experience last over time. Get back your motivation by first understanding why you’re not getting any results from working out.


1 | You don’t work out regularly

Dedication is the key to getting results. If you do your FizzUp strength training workout only once a week, you’re probably not going to see any changes. Doing your workout only when you feel like it or not working out when the FizzUp trainer reminds you to work out just ends up being counterproductive. To get visible muscles and burn excess fat, you need to be patient and follow your fitness training schedule. Doing at least one workout every two days is the key.

2 | You don’t take it seriously

During your first evaluation, you might not take it seriously and think that the less you do, the easier your workouts will be. But this attitude keeps you from getting a workout program that’s perfectly designed for you and matches your current fitness level. So this makes it impossible for you to make progress or begin effective strength training, because the exercise difficulty isn’t adapted to suit your fitness level. Your final progress score completely depends on how serious you are at the beginning of the level.

You might also lack seriousness when it comes to doing the exercises correctly. If you don’t read the exercise instructions carefully and don’t take time to review them before starting your workout, you might do your FizzUp exercises incorrectly, so you won’t get any results.

3 | You didn’t choose the right goal

Choosing the right FizzUp goal for you is essential; this is so that your program gives you room for improvement. Pay close attention to the goal you choose before you start a new level. It will determine how hard your exercises will be, the number of sets and the Add-ons you’ll do.

4 | Your diet isn’t right for your physical activity

“I’m not getting any results from working out!” That’s probably because you forgot about one factor that goes hand in hand with physical activity: your diet. If your eating habits aren’t right for your fitness goal, you won’t be able to see any changes because 80% of your results depend on what you eat.

5 | Your program isn’t challenging enough

Do you love the free version of FizzUp, but want more results? Then you definitely need to get more variety in your workouts and take your fitness training to the next level. FizzUp PRO is waiting to get you faster results!

Action plan: exercise can change everything!

Now that you’ve figured out what’s keeping you from going further in your body transformation, take action to effectively reach the goal you want.


Action #1: Keep working out regularly!

To help you stick with your fitness training schedule, FizzUp has designed the Rhythm. The more you workout, the higher your score gets. You’ll never want to see it drop! To stay motivated, you can also find out who’s got the highest Rhythm score on the app and follow their lead.

Action #2: Become a champion!

Become a strength training champion with the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package. Take a video of yourself doing the exercises in your workout and send it to your FizzUp Expert. They’ll help you perfect your technique if needed. You’ll also get unlimited email correspondence with your FizzUp Expert, as well as three live chat sessions so that you can get even more personalized fitness training guidance. Ask any questions you have and instantly get answers from your Expert. Your goal will suddenly seem easier to reach.

Action #3: Become a Pro member!

It’s time to have a new fitness training experience. FizzUp PRO is waiting to help you reach your goal more effectively. It gives you a much more personalized program.

  • Sculpt My Body/Build Muscle goal: To reach your goal, choose the Focus that targets the muscle group that you want to strengthen. There are so many ways to get a program that meets your specific needs. You can activate the Cal Burner Add-on when you want to build your explosive strength, or the Six-Pack Add-on when you want to sculpt your abdominal wall.
  • NEW “Become an Athlete” goal (only available to PRO members): Want to go further in the FizzUp experience? Want to effectively develop all your athletic skills so that you can boost your performance? Then this goal is for you and will meet your expectations. Give it a try!
  • Lose Weight goal: Watch the pounds melt away when you do the exercises in the Cal Burner Add-on during each workout, in addition to the Full-Body Focus, for example. You’ll burn excess fat in no time.

Like Christophe and Julie, follow the FizzUp PRO program and the tips in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide to get visible results:



Action #4: Change your diet!

FizzUp is here to help you transform your body. We’ve designed a nutrition guide to make it easier for you to reach your goal. Over 150 tips, tricks and recipes are waiting for you right in your app. The trainer can help you balance out your diet and make the right food choices.

If you want to build muscle, you should be eating significantly more protein so that your muscles gain mass and recover more quickly after exercise. If you want to lose weight, your diet should have the right balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It should meet your daily nutritional needs while also triggering weight loss that lasts. The trainer takes care of everything by giving you recipes that take these factors into account.

With all these useful tips, you can definitely stop using “I’m not getting any results from working out!” as an excuse. So what are you waiting for? Start seeing results now!

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