Workout Excuse #2: “I’m Too Tired to Work Out”

“Lazy,” “sluggish,” “lethargic”… So many words that mean the same thing: being too tired to work out. This is simply what the FizzUp trainer likes to call a “workout excuse”. Besides the excuse “Exercise is boring,” here’s another one that people like to use. You’ve had a long day, so when you get home, there’s only one thing you want to do: take it easy and stop thinking. Luckily, you’ve got a workout waiting for you. It helps you relax and forget about the stress of your day all while doing something good for your health. With FizzUp, say goodbye to laziness!


Tired? Did you say “tired”?

Do you tend to listen to yourself? Stop telling yourself you feel sluggish and start getting active.

Recharge your batteries with exercise

This might sound contradictory, but it’s true! Exercise helps you re-energize. Your energy level is actually influenced by the secretion of certain hormones. Exercise triggers testosterone, serotonin and endorphin production, which are hormones that get you going and make you feel less tired. So instead of making you even more tired (as you might think), exercise is actually exhilarating and energizing. You’ll feel more energetic and good in both your body and mind, because the hormones you secrete also fight anxiety and depression. For instance, exercise is a powerful way to fight seasonal depression.

Still don’t want to get up off the couch? Sure, maybe you’re in pain, but for example, endorphins reduce the feeling of pain during an exercise by attaching to special receptors in your cells, which blocks their transmission of pain signals. What’s more, your FizzUp workout takes your physical abilities and starting fitness level into account so that you never experience any pain! The exercises’ level of difficulty is adapted to suit your ability. Now you just have to get up and open your application!

Get better sleep

In addition to feeling full of energy after your workout, you’ll also sleep better. Physical activity is another good way to improve your sleep quality. It regulates your internal clock so that you have a regular and restful sleep cycle. Say goodbye to insomnia and tossing and turning all night long!

A tip from the FizzUp trainer: To get peaceful and restful sleep, avoid doing your FizzUp workout after 8 p.m. Working out will stimulate your body before going to bed, making it more difficult to fall asleep.


The more you work out, the better you’ll feel

There’s another strong argument against being too tired to work out. Remember that over the long term, staying inactive is what causes and prolongs fatigue. You’re not used to moving your body, exercising or using your muscles. A sedentary lifestyle makes you feel more tired, as a study conducted in 2012 by Greek, French and German researchers shows. Your body needs to make an exceptional and significant effort in order for you to climb a few flights of stairs, lift heavy bags or stand up. You can expect breathlessness, dizziness and severe fatigue if you don’t take care of your physical fitness. The more used to working out you are, the easier it will be to move on a daily basis and the less tired you’ll feel throughout the day.

Action plan

Here’s an action plan from the FizzUp trainer to help you get back into working out over the long term. He’ll also teach you about the good habits to have so that you can stay energized and ready to attack your day. The FizzUp trainer says, “No more workout excuses”!

Sleep soundly

Rule #1 of staying energized is to make your time to sleep a high priority. To start every new day feeling perky and full of energy, always go to bed at the same time (preferably before midnight) because this is when your sleep is the most restful. When coupled with regular physical activity, seven to eight hours of sleep is enough to recharge your batteries. You’ll forget what the word “tired” even means.


Get into a workout routine

Establish a workout routine as part of your everyday life to help you see exercise as a habit that’s good for your wellness. To do that, try FizzUp fitness training: it adapts the exercises in your workout to your needs, current physical fitness level and goal. It creates a personalized workout program so that you can get in shape at your own pace. Twenty minutes is all you need to do your workout and take better care of your health. You decide on which three days of the week you have time to work out. Stick with your program, even when you don’t feel like working out! Stay motivated with the support of #TeamFizzUp.

If the problem is mostly because you lack motivation, get the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package! You’ll get completely personalized fitness guidance. Ask your FizzUp Expert any questions you have by email and during three live chat sessions. Send videos of you doing exercises that are causing you trouble to find out how you can correct your posture. Your Expert will perfect your technique if needed.

FizzUp tip: Read testimonials from Marine and Sam to learn more about FizzUp fitness training and discover some new fitness role models.

Put some energy on your plate

To boost your energy, you also need to pay close attention to what you eat. Your diet can be an effective cure to get back your vitality when you eat balanced, high-quality foods. The FizzUp Nutrition Guide helps you choose the right foods and cook healthy meals that will keep you in shape. More than 150 tips, tricks recipes are waiting for you. You can find them right in your application so they go wherever you go.

FizzUp tip: If you want to build healthy muscles, be like Popeye and try spinach! It really works.

Stop using lame excuses to not work out. This keeps you from improving your health and being in top physical condition. Stop letting a lack of motivation win. Go beyond your limits. You’ll be so much more proud of yourself!

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