Workout Excuse #1: “Exercise is Boring!”

Your workouts should be time you enjoy spending while going beyond your limits to stay in shape. When boredom rears its ugly head, you shouldn’t wait to do something about it. Luckily, the FizzUp trainer is here to explain how to stop using workout excuse #1: “Exercise is boring!”. It might be, but that was before you discovered FizzUp fitness training. Not only will you have fun during your workout, but you’ll also get one that changes day-to-day.

Workout excuse: 4 reasons why you’re bored

There’s something you can do about your boredom: figure out why you don’t want to exercise and what’s making your workouts boring so that you can get motivated and once again enjoy getting in shape.

1 | You don’t have a goal or your goal isn’t very well defined

If you’ve never thought about setting a goal to get yourself motivated to exercise, now’s the time to do it. So, having fun while exercising might be your top priority, but do you quickly lose motivation and stop working out regularly because you haven’t set a goal? By setting a goal, you’ll give yourself a reason to work out in your everyday life. You’ll see why it’s useful when it helps you reach this objective. You’ll keep your FizzUp Rhythm score from falling back down to zero and be proud of yourself when you see your name in our ranking of users with the highest Rhythm score.

If you’ve already tried to set a goal for yourself although you don’t enjoying exercising, this might mean that you haven’t clearly defined what your goal is. Don’t strive for speed or the impossible. Ask yourself what exercise can help you achieve. We suggest writing down a list of what you want to improve or change. Next, rank each item from most to least important. Lastly, set a goal that you think is the most important and will require some long-term changes. This goal will become your ultimate goal. But be careful! It needs to be realistic, measurable and set for a specific date (one that gives you enough time to make the changes). Then, choose other areas you can improve that will be the stepping stones as you progress toward your ultimate goal.

2 | Your workout needs more variety

What’s more unmotivating than monotony? Do you think the free version of your FizzUp workout program is boring? For you, exercise might be starting to turn into a hassle because you’ve stopped seeing results and are tired of doing the same exercises over and over again. The more unpredictable your workout is, the less bored you’ll be! It might be time for you to sign up for FizzUp PRO!

3 | Why exercise is useful

You might get bored when you exercise because you’ve never done things for yourself and don’t see why exercise is useful.

But, exercise has many benefits for your health, which all have an important influence on your quality of life. Your wellness shouldn’t come last. Exercise is a personal activity that should relieve you of stress. It helps you fight sadness and anxiety, be in a better mood and improve your physical fitness so that you can handle anything. It boosts your self-confidence and gives you a way to escape your everyday life. So what are you waiting for? Get away from it all with regular physical activity!

3 | Have a little patience!

If you’re not a patient person, this could explain why you quickly lose interest in sticking with an exercise routine over the long term. But you should know that boredom isn’t necessary a bad thing. Actually, being able to cope with it so as to avoid aggressive behavior is a good thing. Boredom creates a type of “positive” frustration, which impels you to find solutions for overcoming it. And giving up isn’t one! There’s a reason why your FizzUp fitness training is repetitive: it’s what makes you progress. The more you repeat an exercise, the more you build your muscular endurance. Muscular endurance is the ability to repeat an exercise against a resistance for an extended period of time. You’ll do several sets of the same exercise for a certain number of repetitions in order to beat your record number when you do your next evaluation. This is what it takes to get results.

Your action plan: Stop saying “no” to exercise!

Now’s the time to put an action plan into place so that you can say ”goodbye” to boredom and your favorite workout excuse: “Exercise is boring!”.

workout_excuse_1_boring_02#1: Understand the point of exercise

You might get bored during your workout because you don’t see the point in doing it. Exercise not only has an impact on your body, but also on your mind. In today’s society, faster technology, transportation and trade makes our everyday life easier, but we now don’t move like we used to because of this fact. We don’t need to move in order to reach a decent standard of living anymore. Some studies have shown that a lack of physical activity has led to the decline in the activation of certain areas of the brain linked to pleasure, motivation, reward and strategy. These areas of the brain secrete hormones that influence your mood. Inactivity would explain the steady climb in depression in western countries.

When you outdo yourself, go beyond your limits and step up your level of physical activity, you have a direct impact on your wellness and happiness. You’ll be calmer and feel better in both your body and mind. You’ll enjoy your surroundings and your life when you become your own hero. With FizzUp, you’ll look on the bright side of life!

#2: Get serious

You need to make sure that you’ve chosen the goal that’s right for what you currently want to achieve so that exercise, boredom and monotony stop going hand in hand. The exercises in your FizzUp workout program are adapted to suit the goal you choose. Make sure that you do the exercises in your evaluation correctly at the beginning of each level. If you don’t take it seriously and don’t do it to the fullest extent of your ability, the exercises included on your new level won’t be right for what you’re physically capable of. You might lose motivation or get bored if your workout is too easy.

#3: Try new exercises!

The FizzUp program guarantees freedom in your fitness training, but if you think it’s boring, that’s probably because you’re not a PRO member yet. Discover new exercises and workout protocols with FizzUp PRO! Revolutionize your fitness experience: with FizzUp PRO, every workout is unique. You’ll do strength training exercises in a different order and never know what to expect. You can even change your workout on a whim by activating or deactivating the three Add-ons: Cal Burner, Six-Pack and Stretching. That’s how you’ll get a workout that meets your fitness needs and expectations for that particular day.

The other advantage of FizzUp PRO is that you can target your goal more precisely with the exercises in your workout using the Focus programs. They last less than five minutes and complete your strength training exercises to shake up your workouts. What are you waiting for to have fun and make progress?

#4: Have determination

Clearly set your ultimate goal so that you can stop using boredom as an excuse for not exercising. Always do your workouts with this goal in mind. Each one will be another step toward your goal. For example, feel free to talk to your friends and family, share your experience on social media via the hashtag #TeamFizzUp or make your list. When you talk about your goal to those around you, it becomes real and you make an unspoken deal with yourself: you’ve got to reach this goal.

To maximize your determination, FizzUp now offers the Premium Motivation Package. A FizzUp Expert is there to answer an unlimited number of questions you have by email, giving you advice to help you reach your goal. They can give you tricks to get motivated and keep working out regularly. When you send in a video of you doing an exercise, they’ll help you perfect your technique by pointing out the mistakes you’re making that are keeping you from working your muscles correctly. You’ll stop thinking that your program is boring when you have the support of a FizzUp Expert and start to feel your muscles getting stronger!

The workout excuse “Exercise is boring!” is now a thing of the past. You’ve got everything you need to work out with a smile. Say “goodbye” to boredom, monotony and a lack of motivation with the FizzUp PRO workout program!

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