Why Exercise Makes You More Attractive

Exercise makes you more attractive, and since you use FizzUp on a regular basis, we’re sure you’ve already noticed. You’re perfect: both your mirror and the FizzUp trainer know that. And do you know why? Here are five reasons that will motivate you to stick with your workout program.



What defines beauty? That’s a really broad question that has continued to stump people for ages. Intellectuals, artists and scientists have all examined the issue. This concept of beauty means different things to different people. Beauty starts by feeling good on the inside, which is then judged on the outside. It’s an aesthetic experience. To philosophers and art theorists, beauty is different from pleasure because beauty depends on two senses: sight and hearing. The ancient Greeks defined beauty using the concepts of harmony and mathematical perfection.

Beauty is often tied to an ideal that triggers an emotion. It’s an aesthetic pleasure that’s out of the ordinary. Human beings relentlessly strive for beauty and seek it constantly, because it adds mystery, emotion and splendor to their everyday lives. Yet it’s impossible for us to agree on what it really is. Anyone can have their own definition of beauty. But we all agree that someone is attractive when they exhibit more self-confidence, are more cheerful and seem one with themselves. There are five reasons why the trainer is sure that exercise makes you more attractive.

Reason #1: Your outer appearance

Although exercise can’t change you, it can transform you and make you even more attractive by taking care of your outer appearance. When you’re involved in a physical activity that’s right for you, your build an even and sculpted physique that’s also more robust and sometimes even beefier. You can shape your physical features how you like. Exercise strengthens your body tissue and gives you a dynamic look. It also makes you less prone to the inconveniences of aging, by toughening up your body so that it can better resist attacks from the external environment.

Pascaline and Christophe didn’t feel like they were one with their bodies. So they decided to step up to the challenge of getting back in shape and both lost over 20 lb thanks to FizzUp fitness training. Now they both say that they feel more attractive and proud of their bodies. For those who love strength training, beauty is found in their muscles. The FizzUp “Build Muscle” or “Sculpt My Body” program enable you to gain muscle mass and achieve your ideal physique.

With exercise, you can live up your own beauty standards and show off a body that you care about with more self-confidence, which you can feel right away. Your friends and family will think you look more attractive, too.

Reason #2: your personal fulfillment


You’ll enjoy several benefits by working out with FizzUp, both physically and mentally. They fully support your personal fulfillment by cultivating your determination, tenacity, strength of character and physical attributes. In 2010, American researchers conducted a study showing that people who work out are happier than people who live sedentary lifestyles. Happiness is a key element of your wellness, which has an impact on your attractiveness. A sad and helpless person will never be as attractive as someone who is living a fulfilling life. Exercise helps you live positively.

Another study showed that physical activity increases hormone production. These hormones can have a positive impact on your attractiveness because they make it easier for you to achieve emotional fulfillment. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins are known as the “happy hormones,” which your body produces during and even after exercise. Serotonin affects your mood while dopamine boosts your wellness by triggering feelings of pleasure. As for endorphins, they give you subtle sensations of euphoria and boost your energy level. You’ll feel more confident and relaxed, your facial features will be less tense and you’ll relieve stress. Regular physical activity makes you more attractive while doing something good for your health.

Reason #3:  your posture 

Your FizzUp workout includes exercises that are vital to your posture. The Arlaud movement treats rounded shoulders, caused by sitting throughout the day, by straightening out your back. You’ll enhance your appearance. Boost your self-esteem with a slender physique, which plays an important role in your relationships with others. If you stand up straight in front of the person you’re talking to, you send them a positive message saying that you’re assertive and confident, which is well received by the other person and helps them put their trust in you. You’ll look more attractive because you won’t look apprehensive at any time.

Reason #4: your smile


Are you still not convinced that you’re attractive despite the reasons listed above? An attractive physique, a healthy posture and showing that you’re happy with a big smile on your face will make you attractive for good. Why? Because by enjoying your physical activity and achieving a satisfying level of personal fulfillment, you’ll smile more, and this is the best way to turn on the charm and appear attractive to others. Several studies have shown that a smile can make a face that’s theoretically unattractive more attractive than another. Facial expressions play a key role in our social relationships because they positively influence how you perceive others.

Reason #5: your health

Exercise makes you more attractive simply because it significantly improves your health. You’re beautiful both inside and out. With exercise, you maintain your cardiovascular system and your breathing skills. You also develop your cognitive abilities such as your memory. You’re comfortable in any situation, whether you’re working out, at work or at home.

The FizzUp has spoken: exercise makes you more attractive. Stop missing out on its benefits! Work out regularly and soon you’ll notice the many changes in both your body and mind that will make you even more attractive.

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