What to Do If You’re Not Getting Any Results

If I’m not getting any results, that’s because I didn’t give myself the best chance of success. You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts! The FizzUp trainer can help you recognize the factors that are slowing down your progress. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Stop letting frustration get the best of you.


“I’m not getting any results”: take stock of the situation

Il est temps de faire le point et de comprendre pourquoi vous ne voyez aucun changement apparaitre.

  • Make sure your goal is attainable: You probably set the bar too high. Losing 20 lb in two months is a miracle, just like getting a muscular and sculpted body in two weeks. Instead of having your head in the clouds, keep your feet on the ground. Divide your ultimate goal into intermediate goals. The journey ahead will seem less frustrating when you can celebrate small victories as you go. Your FizzUp program is designed using a starting fitness evaluation so that the difficulty of your workout is right for your athletic abilities, making it possible for you to reach your goal step by step.
  • Make the right decision: Are you sure you’ve chosen the best goal for making progress? If you aren’t getting the results you were expecting, this is probably because you didn’t choose the right FizzUp program for you. Do you want to gain muscle mass, but you chose the “Feel Like an Athlete” goal*? First start by working out with the “Sculpt Your Body/Build Muscle” goal and you’ll notice the difference. Once you’ve started to build muscle, you can improve other athletic skills with the “Become an Athlete” goal. The same applies if you want to lose weight. If you want to firm up your body, you should first slim down with the “Lose Weight” goal before building muscle. Make a choice, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Choosing the right goal is they key to making progress.
  • Eat the right diet for your goal: Eighty percent of your results depend on how you eat. If you don’t make any changes on your plate, you won’t see any results. But you don’t have to think about going on a diet plan. Any kind of restrictive diet or eating style that excludes certain food groups is harmful and only gives you changes that won’t last. FizzUp Nutrition* is adapted to suit your goal and gives you the right recipes for your goal. You’ll change the way you think about food to get fast results.


“I’m not getting any results”: Stay motivated

If you’ve followed these pieces of advice but are still waiting for results, don’t get discouraged. Your body needs time to adapt, and this period of time varies from person to person. The good news is that you’ve stopped living a sedentary lifestyle, so have a little patience. Your new fitness routine will bear its fruit.

  • Accept that the process takes time: Contrary to what you might believe, change takes time. Your neighbor might have been able to change their body in a few weeks and you hoped to do the same, but that’s far from reality. Comparing yourself is harmful because it creates a bias in your judgment. You and your neighbor didn’t have the same starting point and don’t have the same bodies. Don’t try to go too fast! You don’t have to concentrate on other people. Stay focused on your needs and goal. To get results, you have to realize that every new habit you get into needs to stick. They can’t be temporary. Once you start to see the changes, they’ll last forever! Give yourself time to change so that your results last over the long term. The best rewards come from being patient.
  • Keep up your Rhythm score: Your results depend on how regularly you work out. The FizzUp trainer has created a practical tool you can use to see how regularly you work out, called the Rhythm. The more you work out on a regular basis, the higher your score gets. Reach your goal by sticking with your workout schedule.
  • Empower your will: A lack of determination can also explain a lack of results. The more resolute you are, the easier it will be to do everything possible to make it happen. Doing things only halfway negatively affects your progress. When you get into a fitness routine and eating habits you can stick to, they’ll become automatic and you won’t have to force yourself to implement them into your lifestyle.


Now you hold all the cards to reach your goal. Tell yourself, “I don’t see any results today, but I’ve given myself the best chance of success to see them tomorrow.” The FizzUp trainer is here for you!

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