We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream. So good, so sweet, so refreshing. And after the first lick, it’s hard to stop. Don’t feel bad, because you’re not the only one… especially in the summer. All that warm sunshine makes you crave this chilly delight. But how does it impact your body? Should you ban it from your diet? You don’t have to let all your effort this year go to waste in three months. The FizzUp trainer will tell you how this summer, you can still have your ice cream and eat it, too!


The term “ice cream” can be used to mean three common frozen desserts:

  • Ice cream, strictly speaking
  • Sherbet
  • Sorbet

You can differentiate these three categories based on their ingredients. Ice cream is a mix of milk, eggs, sugar and other ingredients such as extracts, chocolate, fruit and nuts to give it extra flavor. In the United States, it must contain at least 10% milkfat and weight at least 4.5 lb to the gallon in order to be considered ice cream. Dairy-free (or vegan) ice cream is also available, using plant milk instead of cow’s milk and eggs.

Ice cream 01

Sherbet is slightly sweeter than ice cream, but contains less fat (1 to 2%). So a simple homemade sherbet is sure to be better for your waistline than a creamy, store-bought calorie bomb.

And last but not least, sorbet only contains water, sugar and fruit. A safe option for vegans, because it’s completely dairy-free.


Ice cream can be enjoyed piled onto a cone or eaten in a dish. And who doesn’t love a chocolate-covered popsicle to take you back to your childhood?!

Ice cream 02

But have you ever heard of these other kinds of uncommon ice creams that could oust your more traditional ice cream this summer? Italian cream makers make roses out of this sweet treat, on a cone or in a dish, that’s sure to amaze ice cream lovers both young and old. And there’s another trend from Thailand that’s sweeping the nation: rolled ice cream. The rolls are made by pouring a sweet milk base onto an extremely cold surface chilled down to -22°F (-30°C) and is then scraped at an angle to create ice cream rolls. Now that’s an original way to do dessert!


All three desserts are about 130 calories for a ½ cup serving, but if your biggest concern is fat, then sorbet is by far the better option, with 0 grams per serving. But don’t be fooled! All of them are still high in sugar, with 15 to 25 grams per serving.

Ice cream and sherbet are generally higher in calories than sorbet because they contain milk and cream. But the good news is that these two options can be good sources of calcium. Sorbet, on the other hand, is more refreshing because it contains absolutely no dairy and only fruit and water, making it an ideal ice cream alternative. Try making your own at home for better taste and healthier ingredients.

Ice cream 03

If you’re looking for tips to help you lose weight, you should also pay attention to your toppings. What would ice cream be without some chocolate sauce, whip cream and a cherry on top? Sadly, they’re usually much higher in calories than your frozen dessert alone, instantly turning it into a calorie bomb. So you can indulge every now and then, but try to keep the calories off your ice cream. Giving in to temptation from time to time isn’t the end of the world, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit.


Is your mouth already starting to water as you read this? The FizzUp trainer has got you covered with this recipe for nice cream, the latest frozen dessert trend. You can also make it vegan-style. You’ll need a diced frozen banana, a bit of milk (cow’s milk or plant milk) and your choice of toppings, like frozen or dried fruit or chocolate chips.

Then blend all the ingredients together until you get a fruity, low-calorie ice cream that’s so easy to make (about 80 calories per seving). No ice cream maker needed! Enjoy!

Now you know how to make the right choices this summer when the heat makes you crave a sweet frozen treat. Just watch out for those toppings. Give yourself permission to indulge responsibly in one of these delicious desserts every once in a while!

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