Workout Excuse #4: “I’m Too Old to Work Out!”

Think you’re too old to work out? Think again. No one’s too old to be in good health and stay in shape. By following the FizzUp fitness program, which adapts to suit your needs, physical fitness and athletic level, you’ll do something good for your everyday wellness without radically changing your habits.

What’s hiding behind your poor excuse…

When you start making excuses for not working out, they’re usually to cover up other factors that are keeping you from sticking to your resolutions, preventing you from taking action for your health.


1 | Fear

You might think you’re too old to work out, but it’s actually your fears that are holding you back. In general, the older you are, the more afraid you might be of injuring yourself. But working out doesn’t mean you’re bound to throw out your back! Following a workout program that’s right for your needs, physical fitness and athletic level will never result in negative consequences. The fear of not being able to do the exercises might also make you less motivated to get moving. You dread not being at the top of your game when you once again realize that you’re not 20 anymore. It’s true that the less you move, the harder it is to be physically active, which can make certain actions really difficult in your everyday life. But there’s only one solution for that: having confidence in yourself and your potential, which may now have a wrinkle or two, but is full of possibility that you haven’t yet realized you have!
Remember to talk to your doctor before starting a sport or workout program so that you can be sure that it’s right for your age and health status.

2 | A lack of guidance

Your age isn’t a problem if you want to be physically active on a regular basis. However, a lack of fitness guidance and orientation can explain why you’re having a hard time getting started. Taking the time to compare and choose the right sport to help you stay in shape is a must. So don’t rush headlong into it! Turn to fitness professionals who can train you and give you the advice you need.

3 | A lack of motivation

“What’s the point?” Have you ever said to yourself that at your age, there’s no method that can effectively improve your health and physical fitness? This may come as a surprise, but working out after 50 can change your life. Letting yourself go won’t effectively help you fight the passing of time. You might be finding it difficult to get moving because you’re comfortable as you are, but this could be harmful to your athletic abilities and keep you from getting motivated. Put an end to excuses and start taking better care of your body, because it’s never too late!too_old_to_work_out_fizzup_02

Action plan: you’re not too old to work out

You’re not too old to work out! To help you get back on track to fitness, the FizzUp trainer has an action plan for you.

Action #1: Be brave!

Stop letting your fears control your life. Do you want to start working out, but think that you’re too old? Who ever told you that there was an age limit to doing something good for yourself? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Exercise will only have positive effects on your mood, health status and quality of life. Doing a short workout to get in shape (of less than 20 minutes), three times a week, significantly improves your cardiovascular endurance, memory, reflexes, blood flow and digestion. You’ll make your everyday life easier because you’ll be able to carry your groceries, go up the stairs without getting out of breath, play soccer with your grandkids or take hikes in the mountains.

Action #2: Make your choice!

If you want to choose the best type of exercise routine for your expectations and physical fitness level, you should lean toward a physical activity to get back in shape that you can do for free and right at home. With the FizzUp fitness training program, you can forget about the hassles associated with working out, because it’s free and you can access a program on your computer, smartphone or tablet that uses equipment-free workouts. Your body is heavy enough to effectively work your muscles. By doing an initial evaluation of your physical abilities, the difficulty of the exercises is adapted to suit you. There’s no way you’ll ever feel like you’re suffering through a workout with your FizzUp trainer! Choose the “Get In Shape” goal to get a variety of gentle, functional and easy-to-do exercises.


Action #3: Get the guidance you need!

With FizzUp, you can count on your trainer’s support and advice. Having fitness guidance helps you stay motivated and feel confident about what you’re doing because you’re never alone. By starting your program, you’ll see results in just six weeks, which is just one more reason to stay motivated.
However, you may suffer from joint pain or other disabilities. Feel free to contact one of the FizzUp Experts when you sign up for the Premium Motivation Package. You’ll get even more personalized fitness guidance and the ability to ask them any questions you may have. They’ll recommend other exercises you can do instead so that you can keep making progress no matter your condition.

Stop making your age an excuse. You’re not too old to work out! With your FizzUp program, you’ll make progress at your own pace and watch your health steadily improve every day. Get started now!

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