The Benefits of Lemons

Your immune system was probably put through the wringer this winter. Do something good for your health by adding more lemons to your diet. You can eat them, drink the juice or use them to add flavor to your dishes with their zest to enjoy all the benefits of lemons. Lemons provide your body with a boost thanks to all the nutrients they contain.

All about lemons

No, lemons aren’t only used to add flavor to fish or cocktails. Available almost year-round in the product section, people have been attracted to their acidity and richness in nutrients since ancient times.

The history of lemons

Lemons, their scientific name being Citrus limon, have been grown for more than 3,000 years. This fruit comes from lemon trees and was highly valued in the time of ancient Greece, but was also heavily consumed by the Romans, the people of China and India. Lemons then started to be grown all throughout the Mediterranean region.

benefits of lemons 01In ancient times, lemons were consumed to avoid the risk of an epidemic and to limit the damage caused by snake bites. They also have the amazing ability to reduce a fever. Later, with the expanding naval trade, sailors traveling on boats for many months consumed them regularly so that they didn’t suffer from a vitamin C deficiency and scurvy. Lemons stay fresh for about a week. They also made it easier to preserve food on board the boats and reduced the risk of diseases carried by the rats, who aren’t fans of this fruit.

Lemons are harvested from December to late April. Today, they’re mostly grown in warmer areas in the United States (California), Mexico, India, Argentina, and also in France, Italy and Spain.

What do lemons contain?

Rich in vitamin C, lemons are high in potassium, phosphorus and calcium. They also contain iron and vitamins A and B to a lesser extent. Packed with powerful antioxidants, they also have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The many benefits of lemons

You’ll fall in love with this fruit when you learn about the benefits of lemons. They effectively stimulate your body to prevent illnesses or health problems. But don’t overdo it. That’s why going on a one-month lemon regimen is enough to get back a healthy inner balance.

Lemons are alkaline-forming

In 2001, researchers at the University of California in San Francisco showed that our modern diet is less adapted to our body, its functions and needs than our ancestors’ diet, before farming was invented. Pre-made meals, processed cookies and cakes, cold cuts and so many other dishes in the grocery store are loaded with salt, which upsets our body’s pH balance. But keeping your blood pH levels balanced (not too acid or too basic) is vital if you want to avoid suffering from a variety of illnesses. When you consume too much salt, your body becomes more acidic, which ultimately can have serious consequences for your health, as researcher Lynda Frassetto writes, and for the kidneys in particular, whose role is to eliminate the acid waste.

benefits of lemons 02

To balance out your blood pH levels, add some fresh lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it before breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, lemons don’t add to the acidity of your metabolism, despite their taste. They’re alkaline-forming (the opposite of acid-forming) and have a positive effect on your digestion, clean your blood and stimulate kidney activity. Your blood pH levels go back to normal thanks to lemons that help keep you healthy.

In addition to cleansing your blood, lemons help prevent cardiovascular diseases because they lower your blood pressure and prevent blood clots.

Advantages for weight loss

Over the long term, when your body is too acidic, this can lead to illnesses such as diabetes or osteoporosis and keep you from losing weight. Consuming lemons in addition to regular physical activity (like the workouts offered by FizzUp) and a healthy diet will help you lose weight. What’s more, lemons contain pectin, which is an effective appetite suppressant. When it comes into contact with the water in your digestive system, this fiber swells up and fills your stomach. It also effectively protects your liver. For instance, after a hearty meal, it will aid in your digestion. Add a few squats to that and your body will be more toned than ever before.benefits of lemons 03

On a side note, lemons work to purify your digestive system by helping it get rid of waste. Comfortable digestion also guarantees good health and weight loss. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of lemons now!

Give yourself some time to focus on your wellness

To enjoy all the benefits of lemon, squeeze the juice into a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach or at every meal. What does FizzUp recommend for getting your day off to a great start? Infuse some diced ginger in hot water and add some lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. That’s one powerful body booster.

And when it’s time for a snack, squeeze the juice of one or two lemons into a bottle, add a few fresh mint leaves and a teaspoon of cane sugar, then fill the rest with water, instead of drinking a sugary soft drink. Soon you’ll be hooked. You can also try our no-bake cookies with your lemon water.

So get to the produce section to do something good for your health before or after your FizzUp workout. Your body will thank you! So, are you a lemon fanatic yet?

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