Should You Work Out Every Day?

With summer just around the corner, you might be panicking as you look at your swimsuit, then tell yourself that it’s finally time you reach your goal. So you decide to work out every day and nothing is going to stand in your way. But is this the right thing to do if you want to get results? The FizzUp trainer recommends getting ready for summer without going overboard.


Contrary to what you might think, taking the time to recover doesn’t hinder your body transformation. Your muscles develop just as much when you’re at rest, so that’s why the FizzUp trainer makes rest days a part of your workout routine.

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During each recovery phase, anabolism sets in. It promotes muscle fiber regeneration through the biosynthesis of protein that comes from amino acids, notably from digestion. This step is vital for your muscles, which reconstruct and increase in size during your rest day. If you choose the “Build Muscle” or “Sculpt Your Body” goal, giving your body the time to rest is so important, because this helps you build a muscular physique. You don’t gain muscle mass during your workout, but when you’re at rest.

If you don’t work out every day, you also help your body replenish its energy supply. During your rest day, it’s gaining enough power to prepare you for your next workout. If you work out every day, this is called overcompensation: when your body is put to the test and makes you suffer from increased fatigue, which can lead to injury.

That’s why letting your body rest on the days the FizzUp trainer tells you to is vital if you want to help it return to its initial physiological state and even go beyond its limits. As you can see,f rest is good for your progress.


Working out every day isn’t a habit you can keep up forever. The FizzUp program is designed to give you an effective, yet short workout. It significantly works your muscles by having you do reps of short and intense exercises, with rest times in between each set. The effectiveness of your workout doesn’t depend on the number of workouts you’ve done, but on the quality of the exercises you do in your workout. If you work out every day, this won’t help you get results and can even lead to overtraining.

work out every day 02Overtraining is a physiological state of the body that prevents it from making any progress and makes you extremely tired. Your muscles don’t get enough time to recover from exercise and start to ache, just like your joints.

If you notice that you aren’t making any progress, you might lose your motivation to work out or work out twice as much to compensate, which is dangerous. This makes injuring your muscles a real possibility, causing you to stop working out for a long period of time. Leave well enough alone.


Do your summer resolutions still make you want to work out every day? The FizzUp trainer has just the thing: the Focus programs*. Supplement your workouts every two days with these mini-workouts that last only five minutes. They’re short, so they won’t throw off your recovery period. Instead, they help you get targeted results. You can choose the muscle groups you want to work by selecting:

  • For women: the Glutes Focus, Thighs-Abs-Glutes Focus, Flat Stomach Focus, Chest Focus, Full Body Focus or Arms Focus.
  • For men: the Back Focus, Arms Focus, Pecs Focus, Thighs Focus, Abs Focus and Full Body Focus.

The Focus programs are must-have tool if you want to home in on specific results and make your fitness training more effective. The Focus programs are specially designed to safely supplement your workout program. Never forget that your body needs time to recover. By respecting your body’s needs and listening to it on a daily basis, you’ll stay motivated and make excellent progress.

work out every day 03And be sure to get a good night’s sleep, because your muscles also reconstruct during this time. That’s why making sure to get enough sleep and going to bed at the time every night (if possible) is so important. This will help you feel full of energy on the days you exercise, making your workouts even more effective.

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With these good habits, you can do something positive to get results and respect your body at the same time. This all goes to show that if you work out every day, you’ll make it harder for yourself to reach your goal before summer. Get smart about your recovery to enjoy the body you’ve been dreaming of.

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